Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

Ion Aramendi, new host of ‘The Hunter’ on TVE

The hunter
(The chase) the new competition star of TVE You are already in the casting phase to find the best participants. In fact, if a couple of weeks ago the news of its broadcast jumped to the fore, we now know who will take the baton of the public chain space. Be Ion Aramendi, former reporter of Save me and current presenter from What are you telling me! in the Basque chain ETB2.

This new space promises strong emotions. This is a contest where four anonymous people will try to hunt down an authentic expert in television contest called the hunter.

Ion Aramendi was a 'Save Me' reporter

Ion Aramendi was a 'Save Me' reporter

The RAC 1 collaborator, Rocco Steinhäuser, already pointed out that it will be the Mediacrest producer, directed by Daniel Domenjó, in charge of carrying out this new format that will land in Spain soon thanks to RTVE.

The program is endorsed by the success harvested during 13 seasons in the British chain ITV. The format has also been adapted The chase (whose literal translation would be The hunt) in a dozen countries around the world with spectacular audience data. And now, it will arrive in our country to break molds. Why It is not only a question and answer contest for use.

'The Hunter', the new TVE star contest

'The Hunter', the new TVE star contest

The Anonymous contestants will join forces to try to hunt a professional television contestant. If they manage to hunt the hunter they will take a succulent final prize of which the final amounts have not yet been detailed.

For the moment, Ion Aramendi is the star signing of TVE for his new daily contest. The journalist rose to fame for being one of the most beloved reporters of Save me. After signing for Basque regional television, he went on to present a magazine in the afternoon, and now, he returns to national television to get involved in this project. A space that surely competes with the one that Mediaset is preparing and which is titled The rascal and that will be presented by Pablo Chiapella in Cuatro.

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