Invisible friend: perfect gifts for less than 10 euros – The Province

Invisible friend: perfect gifts for less than 10 euros - The Province

Apart from nougat, marzipan and carols, the gifts of the invisible friend are another classic element that can not be missing in these Christmas holidays. Give something anonymously to another person and contemplate their expression when unwrapping The object is one of the small pleasures of this game.

The question is often complicated when choosing what to give as normally, this type of entertainment is done between a large group as classmates or work colleagues, a gang of friends or large families …

It is not a way to replace the Reyes Magos or Santa Claus, but a fun formula to give yourself away between compact groups with a controlled cost and without having to spend a thousand hours looking for dozens of gifts.

The game also has the attraction, in most cases, of giving the possibility of two parties: the draw, and the delivery of presents.

The most common formula to choose who is given, without anyone else's knowledge, is to put in a bag of paper with the name of each member of the group. And when they are all, each one goes putting his hand and taking out his piece of paper with the person to give. Then, on the agreed day, a new party and a shower of gifts with a Limited individual cost.

There are also those who accompany the 'mysterious' gifts with cartoons or pieces of paper allusive to the recipient. A highly recommended practice because it makes the party even more fun and sharpens the wit.

If you have a purchase pending and you lack ideas to surprise your invisible friend, surely this list inspires you in your choice.

Gifts from the invisible friend for less than 10 euros:

Flirt cards
A set of fun cards with funny and original phrases to throw the cane both day and night. Ideal for lonely souls who have trouble breaking the ice.
From Regalador: 7.95 euros

Personalized mug
A personalized gift is perfect to show someone how much you care. Each time your invisible friend drinks this cup with the photos or messages that you have chosen, he will do it with a smile.
From Regalador: 9.90 euros

Wallet Ninja, the multitool that takes up less space
In any personal circle, there is always a McGyver, a person who fixes everything, who is crafty and has a thousand ideas to improve the environment. The ideal gift for this person is this multitool that occupies like a credit card.
From Regalador: 9.99 euros

Wireless charger
Who is the typical friend who always has the smartphone to the last battery? The one who always asks you if you have a charger? Then, there is the perfect gift for him: this wireless charger so curious.
Novodistributions: 5.41 euros

Hair clippers
A useful gift for a man. This clipper of elegant aesthetics is ideal to be able to remove the hair from the nose and ears. Better give it to someone with whom you have confidence.
Novodistributions: 9.00 euros

Seed pumps to combat climate change
Choose the pack with two plant seed bombs that fight the climate change you prefer: a precious gift with ecological awareness for your most activist partner.
From Curiosité: 4.95 euros

Socks by Michael Jackson by Chatty Feet
Carrying the king of pop on his feet is a superb gift for any lover of music and dance.
From Curiosité: 10.50 euros

Individual tablecloths in the shape of vinyl records
Lovers of music and retro will no longer want to use anything else at lunch or dinner than these vinyl tablecloths.
From Curiosité: 9.95 euros

Shark fin shaped tea infuser
Prepare teas and infusions with this original infuser shaped like shark fin, stainless steel and silicone. A peculiar gift for the followers of the theina.
Of Gift items: 6.10 euros

Microphone plugs
This plug in the form of a micro will delight the most singles or drinkers (not only alcohol, also water, soft drinks …).
Of gift things. 7.17 euros

Cat agenda
A gift of the most 'cuqui' for those people organized, creative, imaginative € Includes pencil, contact book and elastic closure. Great to face the new year.
From El Corte Inglés: 7.99 euros

Bottle opener
Can you open your drinks with a tool? From now on YES … Using the crane key, pliers, hammer, pliers or wrench …
From El Corte Inglés: 8.95 euros

Figure Funko POP Star Wars Han Solo: A Star Wars Story Val.
To the followers of the Star Wars series, this figure of Val, character from the movie 'Han Solo: A Star Wars Story, will excite you.
From El Corte Inglés: 9.95 euros

If you have a bigger budget, your options to give a gift that falls into grace can be increased. If you are looking for some ideas, check out this selection of gifts for the invisible friend.


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