March 3, 2021

Investing in health is investing in the economy

The third wave is here and the Government of the Popular Party in the Community of Madrid dusts off false dilemmas, slipping in its interventions that we have to choose between health or economy. We must say, without qualification, that it is a falsehood. Investing in health is investing in economic and social reconstruction. One thing does not come first and another after, simply: without health, there is no economy.

We will speed up the vaccination campaign if Primary Care works 100%, we will reduce the risk of contagions when traveling if we double the public transport fleet, we will avoid the lack of control of the virus if we multiply the trackers by ten, we will safeguard the health of our elderly if we medicalize residences, we will avoid the closure of thousands of businesses if we control the pandemic and we will overcome the third wave if we have sufficient personnel and medical resources.

Because this pandemic is being fought from the public, and without fighting the pandemic, a sustained economic recovery over time is impossible. For this reason, every euro invested in Primary Care centers with more capacity, safer classrooms or public transport without crowds is a euro that contributes directly to the economic and social reconstruction of the region.

However, the Popular Party model for the past 25 years has rowed in the opposite direction through cuts and privatizations. Halfway between ideological fanaticism and its strong dependency relationship with a lobby made up of construction companies and friendly companies that have been doing business all this time at the expense of public money, the Ayuso government has deepened on this destructive path of public services.

Only in this way can it be explained that, in the midst of a pandemic, the priority has gone through an urban hit like the Isabel Zendal that, in addition to not being finished, is incapable of treating patients properly. Only in this way is it explained that, when they should be debating on how to promote new economic sectors to energize the region in 2021, they approved a land law that allows building without a license, even locking up the deputies in the Madrid Assembly to remove it ahead.

It is a model that can only resort to confrontation with other administrations and propaganda because when you have to tackle any challenge the results are catastrophic. It is a failed model that, after 25 years of corruption, cuts and privatizations, no longer has anything to offer

Today, together with the strengthening of public services to overcome the third wave, we must begin to propose a new development model that allows our region to turn the page. Because if safeguarding health is inseparable from the economy, the implementation of a sustainable development model for the region is inseparable from strong, resilient and well-financed public services.

Podemos’ commitment is to modernize the Community of Madrid so that it is a leader in green economy. It’s about reindustrializing our region as a lever that allows us to promote digitization, R + D + i, social justice, sustainability, gender equality and the dignity of care.

Specifically, our model is the one that modernizes waste management to make it sustainable and create stable employment, the one that is committed to renewable energies to stop depending on an oil that we have to bring from abroad, the one that relies on a factory of electric cars instead of a shopping center to bring wealth to our regions, the one that invests in a public care company so that dramas like that of residences are not repeated, the one that bets on public housing to lower prices or the one that promotes a patriotic taxation so that millionaires begin to pay taxes as we do the rest of Madrilenians and Madrilenians.

Behind each overflowing ICU come a hundred closed businesses. Behind every contract with a friendly company we are wasting time to vaccinate the most vulnerable population. Behind every Ayuso policy we suffer more in the present and we mortgage our future.

That is why fighting false dilemmas is so important: because we risk our health, we risk the economy and we risk the region.


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