Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

'Investigation team' postpones the premiere of its new image to report the trial against Ana Julia Quezada

Research team will not release finally tonight his new header, his new logo and its new graphic line. And, as this program of La Sexta always does, current affairs rule above all. In this way, Gloria Serra will present tonight a special on Ana Julia Quezada, the alleged murderer of the child Gabriel Cruz, and whose trial is being held this week at the Provincial Court of Almeria.

The program He had announced a new stage since the beginning of the month through his social media accounts from Research team with "important developments" that happened, at first by a change in the entire graphic line of the program, header and logo included. Some news that will have to wait.

And is that Quezada's report is an extension over another one already issued and titled Ana Julia Quezada: portrait of a murderer
, in which Gloria Serra reporters traveled to the Dominican Republic to investigate the origins of the alleged murderer of little Gabriel Cruz.

Although there are new parts in this special, another part of the material corresponds to the old stage and that is why the old mime line will be respected, they have commented to The vanguard program sources It will be next week, and more specifically on Friday 20, when – if the present allows it – we can see the long-awaited change from Research team.

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