Invader continues to avoid justice | Culture

Invader continues to avoid justice | Culture

The urban artist known as Invader has disappeared from the map. The court follows trying to declare for an alleged offense against historical heritage. Until today, Tuesday has been impossible. The French creator was not located for his appointment on January 15, nor for February 13 and, this morning, either. The court of instruction number 6 of Malaga has not been able to contact him at 10.30 am to declare by videoconference before the judge. Invader is considered the author of the installation of 15 mosaics in protected buildings of the capital without authorization, but still does not respond to justice.

Several possibilities are now open, including the repetition of their summons or an international search and arrest warrant against the artist. Also that the procedure continues while it is located so as not to delay further a case in which Fernando Francés is also investigated, Former director of the Contemporary Art Center (CAC) of Málaga and current Secretary General of Cultural Innovation and Museums of the Junta de Andalucía. The Environmental Prosecutor's Office he sued in January 2018 against both. And if the artist is accused of being the one who installed the 15 mosaics in buildings of the historic center with urban protection, French is supposed to be supposedly the one who arranged such action, which took place at the end of May 2017.

As it happened in the two previous occasions, judicial sources emphasize that until now the French police have not located Invader. And this despite the fact that the Civil Guard identified him in June of last year, as requested by the court, in part because he was already arrested in New York City in October 2013. He was then caught in full artistic invasion by a police patrol in the district of Brooklyn.

The initial investigation was started by a team of the Local Police of Malaga and the documentation later came to the Service of Protection of Nature (Seprona) of the Civil Guard. It shows that Invader, probably together with a team of collaborators, placed between May 19 and 21, 2017 up to 15 mosaics in the facades of various buildings in the Historic Area of ​​Málaga, two of them-the Palacio de Salinas, where he placed a blue octopus and the Episcopal Palace, to which a flamenco dancer adhered-included in the General Catalog of the Andalusian Historical Heritage as assets of Cultural Interest and the category of monuments. He did it without authorization, neither of Historical Heritage of Andalusia, nor of the owners of the buildings in question. The artistic intervention included 14 other mosaics in other parts of the city, for a total of 29 works.

The Prosecutor's Office believes that "with clarity" that Fernando Francés also participated in the events since, in his capacity as director of the CAC, he arranged with Invader the placement of the mosaics. He deduces it after the team of the Contemporary Art Center sent emails to various owners of buildings in the historic center to request authorization for artistic intervention. In most cases they received a negative response, "despite which the placement of the aforementioned mosaics was carried out", as stated in the brief from the Public Prosecutor's Office.

French declared on June 11 last year and, according to his lawyer, Fernando Taboada, denied the facts of which he is accused and said he did not know the person who hides behind the nickname of Invader. In the case they have also declared different witnesses, people harmed by the facts and owners of the affected buildings, as well as a Local Police of Malaga and agents of the Seprona of the Civil Guard.


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