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Juan Eduardo Zúñiga (Madrid, 1929) He died yesterday at the age of 101. Survivor of the Civil War, at age 12 he discovered the Russian writer Turgueniev and fell in love with Slavic literature. With Glory Capital he won the 2003 National Critics Award. “I have seen bodies destroyed by the bombing of a house as cars arrived to pick them up and people around shouting to see that relatives had died. And hunger, and shootings,” he confessed in a 2013 interview with El País Semanal. We compile his last interview and the reports that have best defined the semblance of the great author, who in 2016 obtained the National prize of the Spanish Letters.

The voice of the defeated

Exceptional literary chronicler of the Civil War, the author of ‘Capital de la gloria’ is the great living master of contemporary Spanish tales. This is what Juan Cruz defines in this profile about Zúñiga at the end of 2018.

“Spain is getting impoverished”

Long interview that Zúñiga granted to El País Semanal in 2013 in which he reviews his life. From his childhood in a Madrid in War to the liberation that literature meant, Zúñiga radiographed his existence here while writing (by hand) his memoirs.


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