August 7, 2020

Interview with Pope Francisco, audience record of the 'Saved' season

ThePope Franciscohe was the guest of this Sunday in 'Saved'Jordi ÉvoleHe went to the Vatican to interview the Pontiff, in a meeting that was historic for the program. 'Saved' achieved the audience record of the season, with a total of 4,107,000 viewers.

Jordi Évole asked the Pontiff on various topics of current national and international. The Pope answered all the journalist's questions with naturalness and sincerity. At one point in the interview, when they talked about the immigration program, Évole showed Francisco a concertina. With this sharp object in his hands the Pontiff repeated "such is the unconsciousness… ", to which he added"the world forgot to cry"

These words were quickly echoed on social networks, where they became one of the most talked about topics of theJordi Évole interview with Pope Francisco.


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