Sat. Jul 20th, 2019

Interview with Pedro Sánchez, live

Elecciones generales: Entrevista a Pedro Sánchez, candidato del PSOE, en directo


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The up to now president of the Government will be put under the questions of the journalists of Antenna 3,
Sandra Blow Y
Vicente Vallés.


Pedro Sánchez will be the fourth of the leaders of the main political parties to participate in this interview format, after
Albert Rivera,
Pablo Casado Y
Pablo Iglesias.


The interview will start at 9:20 pm and can be followed live by
Antenna 3 and through the live comments of the web of
The vanguard.


The President of the Government will submit to the questions of Sandra Golpe and Vicente Vallés.


General Elections: Interview with Pedro Sánchez, PSOE candidate, live

Goodnight! And welcome to the live broadcast of the interview to
Pedro Sánchez, candidate of
general elections, In Antena 3.

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