April 15, 2021

Interview with Inés Arnal, of Heineken, about Sonorama

A classic of the Spanish scene returns, which is already 21 years old. The Sonorama Ribera is inimitable in its own right. Unlike other events that are interchangeable and that could move hundreds of kilometers away, the Sonorama is not understood without Aranda de Duero, where what happens at night in the concert venue is as important as in the morning on the streets of The Burgos town. This festival, which in other editions has dared to program Raphael, Camela or the Dynamic Duo, this year surprises with Nacho Cano and a wide spectrum of national groups that go from Berri Txarrak to the Mondragón Orchestra through Carolina During or Fangoria. In Sonoroma, everything is harmony, so much so that the designation of origin of Ribera del Duero and Heineken wine coexist in its sponsorship. Inés Arnal, responsible for marketing the beer company, explains its festival sponsorship policy.

-Why live music?

-Because a good live concert calls for a good cold beer, and the experience is completed naturally. We have been working hard for many years to make that experience memorable, so we take care of any artist, concert or festival with which we collaborate with passion and love. Our goal is to help live music to make the experience better and more accessible to everyone.

-What would you say is the spirit that defines the Sonorama and why does it fit with the philosophy or image of the Heineken?

-Sonorama is an example of a festival that is lived in every corner of the city. An event where people start to have fun from the appetizer and not stop enjoying good music and a great atmosphere until late night, during the 5 days it lasts. We could say that it maintains the essence of a great party in the town enlivened by Spanish groups of all genres. Another great opportunity for us to reach the hands of people in a great moment of enjoyment.

-In other festivals, they carry out particular actions with their own stages or concerts around the city. Is there any Heineken action planned in the Sonorama 2019?

-We have the stage of the Plaza de la Sal, which programs about four daily concerts from snack time, and has a fun and young "line up". Once again, we want to have the opportunity to support free music events, accessible to everyone: if in the case of Heineken® Jazzaldia our big bet is the massive Green Stage with national and international artists, here in Sonorama we support national talent music emerging and consecrated.

-Aranda de Duero is a land of wines and its designation of origin is another main sponsor. How is the coexistence of sponsors / competitors?

-We live without any problem with the D.O. And its great wines. Heineken® represents an alternative of consumption suitable for any moment, from day to night, an ideal option for those who want to cool off from the heat of the town these August.

– Up to what point do the sponsoring events allow you to participate in its configuration every year?

-As a brand, our involvement in the events with which we collaborate goes beyond the economic: we get involved in the experience that the brand offers to the spectator of each event. We have our own philosophy as a trendsetting brand and we are firmly committed to it. In this sense we are looking for partners who understand that collaboration and we love working with them to continue surprising each year.

-Sponsor some events like Jazzaldia for 23 years, something uncommon why?

-Jazzaldia is a very special festival for us. It is a party for the whole city that invades its corners with performances of all kinds under the slogan of quality. Although it is a festival of immense trajectory, it remains restless, it does not stop reinventing itself, experimenting and trying with the aim of bringing to San Sebastián a unique and unforgettable event every year. We share this philosophy fully, we are a beer with more than 140 years of history and at the same time we maintain a healthy, progressive, curious and restless attitude to explore all new ways so that our public can take the best of each project we embark on.

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