Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

Interview with Aitor Ariño before the European final: “The thing about extremes is to fly, observe and try to deceive the goalkeeper”

Aitor Ariño (27 years old) is the second Hispanic with the best percentage of success: he has 15 goals in 19 attempts in a team where the extremes enjoy and today seeks gold in the European and the direct classification for the Tokyo Games on next summer.

– How do you get up after a game like the semifinal?

– Physically, the team is already tired, but joy and happiness solve those problems and give us a plus. We are one step away from a very fat prize. We will regain strength and prepare well for the last effort to do something that can be very large.

–Because gold would have the extra prize for qualifying for the Games …

– We all have it in mind, it would be a dream to be able to achieve it. It is a European gold, but it also gives us an Olympic place that is a dream for me and for the whole team.

– What did you feel when Alex Dujshebaev scored the goal of tranquility against Slovenia?

– A joy … Alex had an incredible end of the game, it is from these players that when it is hot you have to give the balls. He commented with him, that of the last five goals we scored he achieved four. He is a key player and you have to take advantage of it. Much of the success of this team is that there are experienced people, accustomed to playing these moments, these championships, and that is seen.

– They suffered at the end after winning easily, just like the previous game. How do they explain that?

– In the end we face great teams. In addition, these teams from the East have that competitive nature, not giving anything away and the games are very tight.

–Well in the final another team from the East touches: Croatia …

– I think it will be a very competitive game until the end, these people have that gene that lives it to the fullest, they do not disengage and in the semifinal with Norway it was proven: two extensions and the uncles are still there and are able to take the match. Hopefully we can make our game and take it 60 minutes to the maximum and we will see how things are happening.

– They are two selections of the East, but different …

– Physically Croatia is more powerful, but Slovenia at the level of the game looks like us and we have always been worse at these teams.

–How does Spain play?

– It is an open game in attack, of crosses, amplitudes, search of the space, decision of the players according to the response of the defense, game without fundamental ball and then the transitions.

– A way of playing in which the extremes are happy …

-Yes Yes. We are very happy for our role. The game also invites to it, and nothing, the balls that arrive must be transformed. The breadth of play is essential and create those spaces so that we can finish.

– How is the decision making in your position?

–Look at the goalkeeper, try to deceive him and in the end make the decision in small seconds. Above all it is flying, observing and trying to deceive the goalkeeper in some way.


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