June 5, 2020

Interpol brings together international experts in Buenos Aires to stop trafficking

The "business model" under which criminal associations engaged in trafficking operate will be the enemy to fight in the seventh Global Conference on Human Trafficking and Smuggling of Migrants organized by Interpol, which opened Tuesday in Buenos Aires.

The meeting brings together a record number of 750 participants from 97 countries from September 10 to 11, made up of social representatives, security forces, private non-governmental sectors and international organizations, detailed from Interpol.

During these dates, attendees will exchange information on the methods followed by criminal trafficking groups, who see victims as "products to be bought, transferred and sold for profit."

At the opening of the international conference, Argentine Security Minister Patricia Bullrich described human trafficking and smuggling of migrants as "the strong against the weak, those who exploit vulnerability for their own benefit."

"It is important that we understand the essence of the crime, not only to fight offenders, but also to develop our task of restoring the freedom and peace of mind of those who have suffered as victims," ​​Bullrich added.

Also, the head of the Argentine Federal Police and vice president of Interpol for the Americas, Néstor Roncaglia, warned that organized criminal groups are constantly innovating and reinventing themselves.

For Paul Stanfield, director of Emerging and Organized Crime of Interpol, a strategic "pillar" in the fight against human trafficking is the interruption of the money flows of associations that profit illegally from this activity.

"Alerting security forces through Interpol members to focus our efforts is what matters most," Stanfield said.

As a result of cooperation between agencies, the Los Andes police operation was carried out in November 2018, which focused on smuggling networks of migrants throughout the Americas.

So far, within the framework of this operation 103 suspects have been arrested, identified thirteen criminal organizations and conducted thirty investigations.

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