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The trolls are malignant creatures of Norwegian mythology, but alsoInternet users who are dedicated to annoying other Internet users, and this Friday, October 19, their day is celebrated, to inform them of the danger they represent.

The trolleys have becomean authentic plaguenowadays, it goes from a mere annoyance to organized groups that cause serious damage to institutions and people. And it is precisely for this reason that it is necessary to dedicate them one day, not to glorify them, but to inform about the danger they represent, as they point out from the cybersecurity company All4Sec.

What is a troll

A troll is a fantastic creature of Norwegian mythology, who has no good intentions and who usually lives in forests or caves. But when talking about the Internet, its modern counterpart "although it is less monstrous in appearance, it is just as horrible in behavior", as indicated by All4Sec, in a statement.

Today the troll is a person who, taking advantage of the supposed anonymity offered by the Internet,uses the networks to sow chaos, discord and discomfortuploading offensive content or insulting to provoke other users.

There are trolleys for all tastes. The funny and pranksters are those who simply do it because they enjoy, as a rule are harmless, although some can be very irritating and take the 'joke' too far.

Then there are those who do it as aprotest method to defend what they perceive as an attack on their beliefs or their person. As indicated by the cybersecurity company, the protest itself is not the problem, the bad is the method used.

And, finally, there are those who do it out of envy, pure malice or the pleasure of sowing chaos, likethe 'hacker troll'what do youconstantly threatens to 'hack' your blog or your website. There are many subtypes, 'hater', misplaced, 'spammer', skeptic, know-it-all, comedian, language teacher, spoiler and tireless fan, but in the end they all derive from these three.

What are your motivations

The first question everyone asks is: "Why do they do it?" Thinking that they are bad people is the most common explanation but it is also very limited and not always correct. The reasons are as varied as the same trolls but they all share the same root:the need to draw attention.

And for that reason, the most effective weapon to face them is to deny them what they most crave: attention. From All4Sec they assure that there is no greater waste of time than trying to discuss or debate with a troll, sincethe dialogue is not your goal. What they seek is for other users to react to what they do and that's it.

How to fight them

The actions aimed at fighting the trolls go through the same premise: ignore them. Thus, from the cybersecurity company they recommend "let them get frustrated"Fighting a troll involves having patience, you do not have to give it the prominence it craves, and therefore, you do not have to answer it, but let boredom and frustration take it away." Do not take attacks as something "They warn that All4Sec explains that" today it has touched you, but tomorrow you can touch anyone else ".

It is also possible to block the trol access to the web itself by its IP address or through the tools that social networks have enabled for it. In this way, the troll will no longer be able to read what the user writes.

Sometimes, it is impossible to repress the desire to answer the troll. At this time, the company recommends "always play at home":meditate before the answer and always answer from the blog itself, never in yours. "Do not advertise for free." In this sense, you can resort to the writing of an article of the type "some say and I would like to clarify …" without citing the troll and without including any link to a comment of yours not to give prominence.

Way to act against them

The cybersecurity company explains that many users believe that it is best to delete the comments of the troll, but if they eliminate them, "not only will not the comments cease, but also the rest of users may accuse you of being a little transparent person and affect your online reputation. "

In this situation, the most effective alternative if a troll sneaks into your page isedit the comments respecting the message to be able to identify the troll. "For example, he substitutes his name 'omega10' for 'the troll omega10', so that everyone knows who he is", they add.

Finally, if you seriously insult or publish personal data, you must report it. "Note thatthese repeated behaviors can be considered cyberbullyingand this is a crime typified by the law, "they say from All4Sec.


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