June 16, 2021

Internationalized industries drive the “Positive Industry”




Amec – the association of internationalized industrial companies – presented this Tuesday the movement “Positive Industry”, during the closing of the “Amec Forum 2020”, which brought together more than 400 executives. In a joint statement, those responsible for these internationalized industries have claimed the value of the industry as one of the agents with the greatest transformational power from the social and economic point of view. They have also ensured that their actions should benefit their entire ecosystem (employees, customers, suppliers and the social environment). In this sense, they have opted to think globally and act locally.

The president of Amec, Pere Relats, explained that “the perception of companies will change” and “the old structures will melt and give way to the new, much better ones ». In this new paradigm, he has pointed out that «we will abandon the competitive self and learn to use the collaborative we. The short term will be lengthened in favor of a satisfactory path, we will stop talking only about products and we will talk much more about people. We will forget the control structures to manage trust.

In any case, Relats does not believe that the current situation should be an obstacle and has opted for «A positive vision because whoever is going to get us out of this crisis will be the usual people: normal people with extraordinary aptitudes and attitudes ”.

For his part, the general director of Amec Joan Tristany, explained that the objective of the new «Positive Industry» movement is that now «the declaration gains life and become a vindictive and exciting movement that adds value to us as an industrial group ». In this sense, Amec has invited other companies, entities or institutions to support the declaration, so that many more share its purpose and objectives to raise awareness about the direction that the new competitiveness should take: «Support for A positive industry must be an action of many, and from plural interests, “Tristany pointed out.

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