Internationalized industries ask the government for "clarity" on activity limitations




The "Economy hibernation", in the words of Finance Minister María Jesús Montero, is colliding with various difficulties. This Friday, the president of the association of internationalized industrial companies Amec, Pere Relats, expressed in a letter sent to the head of Industry Reyes Maroto the "profound disagreement in the lack of clarity and concreteness » of the complementary measures to «guarantee the effort required to the productive system». All this, after publishing the Ministry of Industry an explanatory note on the royal decree law that last week tightened the confinement.

In the letter, the head of Amec does not enter to assess the opportunity or management of the sanitary or economic measures against the coronavirus, However, Relats has expressed in the name of industrial companies «Our deep disagreement on the lack of clarity and their concretion, which require subjective interpretations ».

In this sense, this employer has asked the minister "for maximum clarity in the measures that are approved, guarantees for the actions that we can or must carry out companies and a channel to clarify in a binding way the doubts that are unresolved today ».

In this sense, the general director of Amec Joan Tristany, who has recognized the current emergency situation and the willingness to collaborate in whatever is necessary, has stated. However, it did ask that being "Mandatory measures and with the possibility of sanctions or We would like inspections to be as clear as possible. ”For this reason, he does not hesitate to speak of“ confusion ”and asks for“ legal certainty for what we do ”. Tristany has recognized the complexity of the moment and asked to open a direct channel to answer questions or make inquiries.

The representative of Amec regretted that there have been associates that have had to close and reopen. Don't hesitate to talk about "confusion" Given the significant number of royal decrees and provisions issued these days: he comments that several companies affiliated to this association closed to reopen later. "We want a channel of unresolved doubts to be established and that in the instructions they are given, that they be clearer and not so much of an effort to interpret them," he pointed out.

Doubts about export and import

Among the main doubts, despite the fact that last Wednesday the Ministry of Industry issued an explanatory note of the decree restricting non-essential activities and the reference to "import and export activities" as an exception to the decreed paralysis.

Specifically, the Industry note stated that "workers from the application of article 2 are also exempt from import and export activities of all kinds of products, goods and materials, insofar as they are configured as the key to supplying or fulfilling international contract commitments ».

In this regard from Amec, Tristany has pointed out that instructions such as this lend themselves to "different interpretations" such as restricting these to the dispatch or reception of a merchandise or extending this exception to the continuity of manufacturing to sell abroad. "We want to contribute to solving this situation, but it seems that they have left it to everyone's discretion and then there are sanctions ", concludes Tristany.


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