Internationalized companies predict that 2021 will be a “very good” export year




Spanish internationalized companies, grouped around the employer’s association Amec, have pointed out that this year 2021 will be “very good” from the point of view of exports. This is how the general director of this business organization, Joan Tristany, has considered it. Some demonstrations that coincide with the presentation of the Strength Index of the Internationalization of the Spanish Economy (ISI), which analyzes 19 indicators, and which in 2020 stood at 7,006 out of 10 points. That is, it increased by 2.73% compared to 2019 (6.82 points).

Tristany has also warned against inflation, especially in raw materials or chips, which he has attributed “to a increased contracted demand since the stimuli are already working in the United States. Which, in the case of raw materials, has been added to “lower supply of raw materials.” In this sense, it has revealed that Spanish companies are already increasing their “safety stocks” although “it does seem that the market is absorbing it.” In addition, he explained that it is a phenomenon “not exclusive to Spanish companies but affects everyone.” Tristany has pointed out that «there are difficulties to move goods: there is a lower frequency of containers and a greater demand that must be supplied ». Which, in his opinion, leads to an increase in prices.

The CEO of Amec has also spoken about European funds, from the point of view of internationalized companies they believe that they will be a «Challenge» for public administrations, because the rest of European countries will know how to take advantage of them and asks to focus more on the type of project rather than on management. In this sense, he pointed out that “there is still a lack of specificity since I believe that answers are being given but not the correct questions.” Along these lines, he pointed out that Next Generation funds have a “path” since they are subject to an evaluation according to milestones. “You have to justify before charging”, He recalled showing his confidence in the work promoted by the General Secretariat of Industry.

The ISI analyzes 19 indicators like the variation of exports, the world quota, foreign investment, the unit cost; as well as participation in international value chains or export barriers. Among those that have contributed positively during 2020 is foreign investment, business diversification or technological intensity (or the high technological content of exports). On the downside, they worsen exports – they fell 10% during the past year-, as well as their weight in GDP, barriers – especially in the chapter on mobility due to the pandemic-, geographical diversification of investment or unit value (Spanish exports became cheaper ).

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