Wed. Aug 21st, 2019

International Show of Films of Dones

El cine latinoamericano inaugura la Mostra Internacional de Films de Dones

The International Show of Films of Dones starts this Friday in Barcelona with the program Latin American documentalists, which will offer "three views on current Latin America", according to the organizers, with the presence of the directors María Álvarez, Gretel Marín and Tiziana Panizza.

This edition wants to invite reflection on the "involvement of documentary filmmaking in some Latin American realities, spaces and societies", such as, for example, the role of cinematographic practice as "performative act of identities", as a testimony of cultural manifestations at risk of extinction, or as an element of political resistance.

The work that opens the cycle will be The Cinéphilas, by María Álvarez, a documentary that narrates the experiences of three retired cinephiles from Buenos Aires, Madrid and Montevideo, who with their passion "dismantle the stereotype of a passive and indifferent old age to the world of culture" and take the cinephilia from the " masculine and youthful sphere that usually surrounds it ", according to the director.

On February 22, it will be the turn of The last country, by Gretel Marín, a film resulting from the "recognition and self-recognition" of the director herself as a citizen of Havana that explores "the debate on the changing perception of current Cuban identity."

The program will close on March 1 Tiziana Panizza, who will present Sola Land, a work that starts with documentaries filmed on Easter Island almost a century ago and approaches the peculiarities of a "cruel colonization that enslaved the population of this territory for more than 60 years".

The Mostra Internacional de Films de Dones is held in Barcelona since 1993 with the aim of promoting women-directed cinema and making women's audiovisual culture visible, showing films from all over the world made by women.

'Cinéphilas', 'El último país' and 'Tierra sola' make up the special program

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