International Poetry Day celebrates the power of verses

Madrid, Mar 21 (EFE) .- Poetry celebrates its international day this Sunday, a day in which one of the most precious forms of expression and identity and linguistics of humanity is recognized and in which institutions and groups honor the power of the verses in networks and in some face-to-face acts.

Several activities have been scheduled for this edition of World Poetry Day, such as the one organized by the Cervantes Institute and RNE, with an uninterrupted public reading of poems from Madrid’s Retiro Park, in which renowned Spanish poets and writers participate.

A public reading that brings together, among others, Luis García Montero (poet and director of the Cervantes Institute); Ignacio Elguero (poet and director of Radio Nacional de España), Luis Alberto de Cuenca, Manuel Vilas, Raquel Lanseros, Isabel Pérez Montalbán, Jesús Munárriz, Benjamín Prado, Chus Visor, Antonio Lucas, Vanesa Pérez Sauquillo, Begoña M. Rueda, Javier Lostalé, among many others.

The recently disappeared poets Joan Margarit, 2019 Cervantes Prize, and Guadalupe Grande will also be remembered on this day in which the Minister of Culture, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, has recited the poems “The Autumn of the Roses”, by Francisco Brines, last awarded with the Cervantes, and “To don Francisco Giner de los Rios”, by Antonio Machado.

Another of the events this Sunday in Madrid in commemoration of the World Poetry Day is that of the Cuesta del Moyano, organized by the citizen association “Soy de la Cuesta”: “Moyano a versos”, with a recital by Outstanding voices of poetry, including Ben Clark, Raquel Vázquez, Luis Alberto de Cuenca, Irene G Punto, Rocío Acebal, Escandar Algeet and Almudena Guzmán.

Casa América will celebrate Poetry Day next Monday and Tuesday with a special tribute to the twenty Latin American poets awarded the Casa de América Poetry Prize between 2001 and 2020.

“Poetry has the floor. Twenty voices, twenty poetry awards” is the name of the event organized by Casa América that celebrates this year the XX edition of the Casa de América Prize for Poetry, which will be presented to its winner, the Honduran Rolando Kattan .

Luis García Montero, Guillermo Galván, Teresa Mateo, Luna Miguel and Benjamín Prado will also participate in this tribute.

The cultural channel #Nosolopoetry celebrates March 21 with a video that covers the scenic dialogues that unite poetry with other artistic disciplines. Thus, music and poetry adopt the forms of flamenco -with Carmen Linares singing Miguel Hernández-, jazz, -with Marta Sanz accompanied by the pianist Mariano Díaz- or pop rock -with Benjamín Prado reading with the musicians Rebeca Jiménez and Rubén Pozo-.

The dramatized reading of the verses of Fernando Pessoa in the work “La Desconocida”, a tribute to the poet Ángel González and the interpretation of poems by the forgotten poets of the generation of 27 are other of the activities of Nosolopoetry, for this World Day of Poetry is celebrated every March 21 since UNESCO decided that proclamation in 1999 to value one of the most important forms of expression and identity of humanity.


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