International Ocean Film Tour, stops in the Canary Islands

The most important cinematographic event about the oceans in Europe, will stop in the islands with five documentaries from three continents, in 120 minutes of screenings that will premiere in Gran Canaria and Tenerife

EFE The Gran Canarian palms

edition 'volume 8' will feature five documentaries with a 120-minute program of screenings
in premiere at the Guiniguada Theater in the capital of Gran Canaria on
8 of June (International Day of the Oceans) and at the Guimerá Theater in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on
July 14.

On this occasion, says the organization of the festival in a statement, they have been selected
five pieces of three continentswith documentaries from Canada, Germany, Australia, France and Denmark.

The International Ocean Film Tour, in its
fourth year in Spain and after 16 in Europe, it will pass through 18 cities in the country, in a firm commitment to the Canary Islands, a community allied to the sea and a place of reference for ocean lovers.

This event has
objective to share true stories, exciting tales of the world of the oceans on the big screen, adventures at sea, also about the environment.

film festivaleither will transfer to the attendees unique stories of the world of the oceans, with projections in
original version (English, French and German) with subtitles in Spanish that seek to inspire and invite reflection on the seven seas.

The festival selects the best works in order to promote the protection, defense and
ocean conservation in the Canary archipelago and advance in the challenge of caring for the environment and conserving it in the medium and long term.

From Canada, the documentary
'Shobe Surfing' tells a story about equality, rights, and surfing as a tool for a better world.

Shobe is a girl from Bangladesh 13-year-old who loves surfing, but social and family pressure make it difficult for him in his homeland.

in Bangladesh
women they cannot practice this sport, but that will not be a limit for her, determined to change the trend to have and create a better future for the new generations of women.

From Germany,
'Storm ride' proposes a 32-minute journey of courage, audacity, self-improvement and a desire to get to know Boris Herrmann, who intends to sail around the world solo, non-stop and without assistance of any kind.

This man from Hamburg He is on his way to achieving one of the best times in the toughest regatta in the world, the legendary Vendée Globe, when an unforeseen event threatens to drown his dream.

'Cold water therapy' narrates how Remy, Josh and Jake's love for the waves is bigger than the sea itself, and it is because of this passion that they embark on an adventure that takes them to the other side of the planet.

three surfersTired of the crowded surf destinations of their native Australia, they set out in search of deserted waves on the other side of the world: icy Alaska.

French marine biologist and photographer Laurent Ballesta embarks on a journey to the depths of the Mediterranean in
'The deep med'.

This short tells the
28 days of mission Ballesta diving to document the fascinating ecosystem of the Mediterranean seabed.

Dangerous, fascinating, unknown, the glaciologist
Alun Hubbard The world is crossed to discover the secrets of the Earth's glaciers and much more, how their melting can be key for the planet and those of us who inhabit it.

to unravel
how climate change affects to the models and life of human beings and biodiversity, he embarks on a dangerous adventure where there will be much to learn.

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