January 28, 2021

International Education: Mtodo Brains – The Province

International Education: Mtodo Brains - The Province

In Brains Las Palmas offer a comprehensive training of excellence for students of Infant and Primary, with guaranteed continuity in the center they have for Secondary and Baccalaureate, the school Brains Telde. The family atmosphere of both centers, personalized attention to both students and families, the program of values, new technologies, the international model of teaching and daily sports make Brains International Schools are among the best international schools on the island.

His Brains Method is based on an international education without borders where the student is the protagonist of his own learning. In this way the role of the teacher is to be the "knowledge facilitator "that guides the development of the class and attends to the individuality of each student.

Internationality as a fundamental pillar of the Brains Educational Project offers its students the ability to distinguish, understand and respect multiple perspectives in a broad range of disciplines, cultures and values. The Institution fosters in its students the feeling of being a citizen of the world, not only with the learning of languages, but with their day to day in school, with colleagues and professors from all over the world and a multitude of projects and experiences that They invite you to grow as part of other cultures and nations.

In an increasingly global world, the international education offered by Brains guarantees the adaptation and mobility of the students, encourages their participation in activities of a creative nature and of service to the community, emphasizes the analysis, inquiry, reflection and autonomy of the students both at the academic and personal level and guarantees the academic and work mobility of its students, opening the doors of universities inside and outside Europe.

Thus, we can affirm that the Brains method It is designed to train, not only knowledgeable and inquiring students, but also committed and empathetic students. People with an open and intercultural mentality, integral, competent, capable of reacting to changes with confidence and security and, above all, people who are happy and proud to have been trained in their school.


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