International Coalition has resumed operations by “invitation” of Iraq

The international coalition that fights against the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) said today that it resumed operations in Iraq at the invitation of the Iraqi government, after they were interrupted after the assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimaní, on January 3 in Baghdad

In a statement, the Central Command of the United States Armed Forces (CENTCOM) said that the coalition acts again to “assist the Iraqi security forces (…) in its mission to defeat the Islamic State,” after a break of three weeks after the Iranian response to the death of Soleimaní.

“The attacks on Iraqi military bases with the presence of coalition forces forced us to temporarily stop our training operations and against IS to focus on the protection of our personnel,” the note added.

On January 5, the Iraqi Chamber approved a motion requesting the Executive to end the presence of any foreign force and cancel the request for assistance to the US-led international coalition to fight against IS.

Two days later, Iran launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles in response to the death of Soleimaní that hit two air bases that house US troops in Iraq, those of Ain al Asad and Erbil.

However, on January 30, the Iraqi Armed Forces reported the resumption of operations with the coalition for the growing activity of IS in the north of the country.

“As our operations resume, we aspire to a strong collaboration with the security forces and the Iraqi Government to ensure a lasting defeat of the IS,” the CENTCOM said in the statement.

“It is time to return to work on the construction of lethality and the ability to crush the remains of the IS of our fellow Iraqis,” said coalition general commander Pat White.


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