January 24, 2021

Internal arguments of the PP insist on equating the assault on the US Capitol with the demonstrations of the left in Spain

The Popular Party insists on joining Vox in the strategy of comparing the assault on the US Capitol by the supporters of Donald Trump with the demonstrations or protests carried out in Spain by the left and the nationalists throughout the last few years. A theory that Ciudadanos has also joined, with very similar messages from its main leaders.

Four Years of Trump, Complicit Republicans, and Old-Fashioned Electoral Rites: How America Ended up in the Insurrection

Four Years of Trump, Complicit Republicans, and Old-Fashioned Electoral Rites: How America Ended up in the Insurrection

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Although at first Pablo Casado was moderate in assessing the news and the harsh images that came from Washington, which have shocked the whole world, shortly afterwards Casado himself pointed to that comparison as several leaders of the PP had already done before.

This Friday, in the new internal arguments that Genoa distributes among its positions, the party insist on that line. “An attack on Parliament is an attack against the democratic base of any nation”, they assure, to leave later saying that they condemn “emphatically the events of the Capitol” and “all democrats are obliged to do so and we do not understand that some justify them and others criticize them, even though they justified and encouraged years ago the attempts to assault Parliament or surround Congress. ” “All parliaments are sacred insofar as they are the representation of national sovereignty, the pillar of democracies. Populisms, those on one side and those on the other, have tremendously harmful effects on free societies”, it can be read in the document to which elDiario.es has had access.

In this sense, the president of the Basque PP, Carlos Iturgaiz, spoke on Thursday, first describing the attack on the US Capitol by Trump sympathizers as “intolerable” to immediately compare it with the “assault on Parliament” that they carried out ago. a few years the Catalan independentistas.

Through a tweet, Iturgaiz has considered that the “attack on the Capitol is the reflection that, when populisms, radicalisms and extremisms of the right or left act, they put democratic institutions at risk.” In his opinion, this is what happened when the independentistas “stormed the Parliament” or when Congress was surrounded. For this reason, he has said that these are “actions all equally reprehensible.”

However, the first to sign up for this approach was the party’s general secretary, Teodoro García Egea, who after making that same comparison surprisingly attacked Vox for doing the same. “There is nothing more similar to a left-wing populist than a right-wing one. Vox does not have the courage to condemn the assault on the Capitol and to ask for the Nobel Peace Prize for Trump,” he wrote on his Twitter profile, which He immediately provoked the reproach of Santiago Abascal himself, who directly addressed Pablo Casado for other previous statements in which, however, the leader of the PP did not quote Vox.


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