intermediaries under suspicion that multiply with the pandemic

G. GINESEMadrid Updated: 05/09/2022 19:46h
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For some legal intermediaries, for others corrupt... and for the majority opportunists. The role of
commission agents
has been reviewed again in recent weeks by public opinion after cases such as Luis Medina's contract with the Madrid City Council or the relationship between Gerard Piqué and the Royal Spanish Football Federation. But the truth is that the payment of commissions is an extremely frequent practice, especially in the private sphere.

Because commissions are legal. Forever. "This is a mercantile business provided for in articles 244 and following of the Commercial Code: a person performs intermediation tasks in a mercantile business and, in exchange for his task, receives a commission," explains the partner in the Criminal Law area of the Mas y Calvet Law Firm, José María de Pablo. Business sources explain that there are commission agents "in many contracts and operations." It is a very common practice and, in fact, "when the conditions under which these commission agents act
more transparency is added to the contest or agreement

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