Interior will comply with salary equalization and will pay the third tranche

The Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has promised to execute the third and last tranche of the salary equalization agreement of the national police and civil guards with the autonomous bodies, and has assured that the payment will be made “as soon as possible.”

Marlaska, in an interview with Efe, has made it clear that this third tranche “is a commitment of the Government” that he personally assumes and, therefore, “is to execute it as soon as possible.”

It is a “recognized and deserved” right for agents at a time that “is not easy”.

Regarding complaints from police unions and civil guard associations about the lack of means of protection during the coronavirus crisis, the minister has assured that “at all times, and in accordance with the protocols of action, taking into account the risk assumed, the Agents have had the necessary and precise protection equipment. “

He acknowledged that at first there were supply problems to have equipment in the “strategic reserve”, that is, there was material but “for a few days.” That problem has already been solved and for a long time there has been provision of means for the medium term, without prejudice to the fact that Interior continues to acquire so as not to exhaust that contingent.

Regarding tests to detect if an agent is infected, Marlaska explained that all officials who have had symptoms or who have had a positive relationship with COVID-19 have been tested.

The minister has been hurt by the claims that some officers are paying for the test out of pocket. “There has been no payment of any tests by any agent; another matter is that they have been done through their mutual societies, but with protocols and agreements with the ministry,” he said.

The head of the Interior has defended the work of his department in this matter and has said that good proof of this is that for weeks the number of isolated agents has decreased considerably.


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