July 16, 2020

Interior coordinates with other ministries so that the security forces continue to have protection

In this sense, Marlaska has ensured that Interior works “in coordination” with the ministries of Health, Finance and Industry, Commerce and Tourism, obtaining “important items” for agents to provide their services with adequate security. “We are activating a new batch of personal protective equipment for agents and officials of penitentiary institutions,” the minister added to questions from journalists during the telematic press conference.

The deputy operational directors (DAO) of the National Police and Civil Guard had already responded Monday to internal criticism for the lack of means to combat the coronavirus, defending that there are protective equipment. “All the patrols have a protection kit,” they said at the time.

During his appearance, the Minister of the Interior warned that “we are approaching the most critical days” and that is why he has called on citizens to continue maintaining solidarity, since the agents “need us to cooperate by limiting our movements to what is strictly necessary. “


The minister has also addressed Spanish children, who are at home, something they are not used to, and who spend these days “studying at a distance, trying hard, helping, learning values ​​from a very young age.”

It is what Marlaska has referred to as “an element of light” these days, to also thank the role of Spanish fathers and mothers in all of this. “Soon we will see the fruits, we will bend the contagion curve and this will make evident by the levels of solidarity achieved,” he concluded on this matter.


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