Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

Interior conditions Tenerife jail module to accommodate immigrants

Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska announced on Thursday that, among other measures, the mother module of the women’s prison in Tenerife will be prepared as a reception space for immigrants, while new options are being studied.

Marlaska has recognized that the flow of boats in the Canary Islands “worries”, but sees it “under control”, after meeting in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias with the regional president, Ángel Víctor Torres, who has requested that the planned solidarity mechanisms be activated in the European Union for the reception of immigrants who arrive at its shores.

Torres has announced that councils and town halls are willing to enable more humanitarian reception places, because most are already overwhelmed, and the state will do the same with its resources.

In this sense, the minister has advanced that the module of mothers of the women’s prison of Tenerife will be conditioned as a reception space for immigrant women, while studying new options that will be taken to the meeting held tomorrow by the Commission Delegate of Migration Affairs, chaired for this occasion by the chief executive, Pedro Sánchez.

Grande-Marlaska has said to share with the Canarian authorities the “concern” raised by this increase in the irregular entry of people by sea to the country through the islands, but has asked not to be “alarmist”, because the situation is not comparable to the crisis of the cayucos of 2006 and because, he has emphasized, this Government “has a migratory policy”, unlike its predecessor, in whose mandate “it ceased to exist”.

Regarding the situation experienced by inmates in the CIEs such as Barranco Seco, in Gran Canaria, criticized by social agents and by control judges, such as Las Palmas, Arcadio Díaz Tejera, Grande-Marlaska, has informed that the Government It has allocated 33 million euros to the improvement of the eight such infrastructures that operate in the country and to the creation of a new CIE concept in Algeciras that will open in two years.

In any case, the minister has guaranteed that the works required to guarantee “a system of life” will be made to the users of these centers.

Asked about the open controversy surrounding the return of immigrants from Mali to Mauritania, criticized by several NGOs, Grande Marlaska has stressed that the entire repatriation process is done respecting Spanish laws, international regulations and the rights of those affected and under judicial control


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