Interior allows from this Thursday the communications and exits of the prisoners

The penitentiary centers will allow from this Thursday the ordinary communications of the inmates and the programmed and permission exits, according to an order of the Ministry of the Interior that relaxes the restrictions of mobility and social contact adopted in the prisons by the coronavirus.

The Interior resolution, published this Wednesday by the Official State Gazette (BOE), thus tries to "accommodate the prison environment to the new current situation" of gradual reduction of extraordinary measures established during the state of alarm.

In this way, the communications of the prisoners will be resumed in the state penitentiary centers, "gradually and gradually" and the permits and scheduled departures, according to the instructions of the health authority.

Inmates classified in the third degree or who have applied the flexibility regime and are assigned to social integration centers, open sections or ordinary centers, may continue to leave.

Transfers of inmates will also be resumed when requested by the judicial authorities, transfers for sanitary reasons and those for "regimental or treatment circumstances" required.

Educational, training, therapeutic, sports, cultural and religious activities will also be allowed inside the penitentiary centers, "depending on their situation and the measures that may be adopted by the competent authorities in the matter."

These activities may be suspended if the epidemiological situation so advises, globally or individually for one or more penitentiary centers.


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