Interim with more than five years in their position will be able to become civil servants without opposition




New advance for interns to become civil servants. The Government, PNV and ERC have agreed that those who have occupied structural squares Prior to January 1, 2016, that is, more than five uninterrupted years, they can pass to this category without opposition. This is stated in the agreement, advanced by ‘El Periódico de Catalunya’ and confirmed by ABC.

The document of the pact includes in the sixth additional provision of the bill that regulates the stabilization of interns that access to a civil servant position will be by merit contest. «The Public Administrations will summon, exceptionally and in accordance with the provisions of article 61.6 of the TREBEP, by the competition system, those places that, meeting the requirements established in article 2.1, have been temporarily occupied without interruption prior to January 1, 2016“, Reads the text, and adds:” These processes, which will be carried out only once, may be subject to negotiation in each of the territorial areas of the State Administration, Autonomous Communities and Local Entities and will respect, in any case , the terms established in this regulation.

This agreement substantially modifies the agreement reached several months ago by the Minister of Finance and Public Function, María Jesús Montero, to carry out the decree against temporary administration. Miquel Iceta, then minister of the branch, agreed with CSIF, CC.OO. and UGT a massive process to stabilize 300,000 interim before December 31, 2024, but finally the validation of the decree in the Congress of Deputies, already with Montero in the portfolio, forced to make certain concessions.

That is why the government it yielded to the pressure of the investiture partners and allowed interns with more than 10 years in office to become civil servants without having to compete. Now, during the processing of the decree as a bill, that date is changed and reduced to more than 5 years.

Union sources, meanwhile, explain that they have yet to see the fine print of this agreement. In short, check where it all ends. «
The unions signed an agreement with the Public Function
that for the first time restricts and penalizes administrations that abuse temporality; an agreement that values ​​the experience acquired and that includes compensation. Now it is up to Congress to legislate. Until the process is complete, we prefer to be prudent, “they say.

In this sense, they demand speed in the processing of the norm and legal certainty. «Temporality has shot up to 32 percent, ten points above the private sector and administrations continue to abuse and create unfair situations. We are already seeing, for example, how they are laying off thousands of people in health who were hired in their day by Covid. Public employees deserve more respect. We would like the parties to also talk about this in Congress, “added these same sources.

As it is, this commitment comes from afar. Brussels has been pulling Spain’s ears repeatedly due to the high temporality of the public sector, higher than in the private sector, with rates of more than 30% of casualties, especially in health and education. And also the judicial setbacks have pushed the Executive to avoid abuse with the interim.

The objective is for the temporary employment in the administration to drop below 8% – a goal that should have been met by 2020, according to the agreement signed by the previous Executive with the unions in 2018 – to reach the community average, this being also one of the the commitments acquired with the European Comission in the recovery plan for the arrival of European funds.

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