May 16, 2021

Inter crushes Barça to lift the Spain Cup

A row from Tino Pérez in a timeout with 0-1 against at seven minutes unleashed the most decisive expression of the Movistar Inter, the champion of the Spanish Cup, which overflowed and devoured the Barça, surpassed by the Madrid reaction, traced back before the break and irrevocably bent (6-1).

The eleventh Spanish Cup in its history has nuances that transform it into an invaluable title in the present of the Torrejón team, reinvented last summer with a profound change in its staff and now vindicated as the formidable champion of the first of the competitions at stake of the course.

A team, above all else, that exudes enthusiasm, ambition, talent and work, a lot of work, to recover the place that belongs to it, the best of all, the one that it has built throughout its history, longed for the last two courses , except for the conquest of the last League, but always so inherent to it.

In addition, the fact that it was against Barça, the champion of almost everything in the last two years, the current winner of the Champions League, the team with the most resources and staff, also gives it a plus. Perhaps it is the prelude to a change in hegemony or trend. Or maybe not. The Champions League and the League will determine whether or not this is so.

For the moment, he has earned a place among the favorites, because he is the new champion of the Spanish Cup, capable of going back to Barça, but, above all, of reducing it and surpassing it like nobody had done in the last seasons. The final 6-1, beyond the game of five enlarging the difference, is expressive.

Much merit has his coach, Tino Pérez. A time-out, the anger with which he woke up his players when the timer already marked 13.15 for the end of the first period, relaunched Inter more powerful, recognizable and incontestable, which, moment by moment, shot by shot, goal by goal, undoubtedly changed the encounter.

Before, Barça had been the unapproachable owner of the duel. Undoubtedly, seamless, with everything under control, each play, each sector, the Barça block handled the start with an improper roundness of a final of such characteristics and blurred Inter, who did not even react with the 0- 1 by Ximbinha, whose maneuver was spectacular: a control, a Chilean, a great goal.

But the loud intervention of Tino Pérez provoked another Inter and another game. He put much more intensity on it, ran without stopping, gave speed and movement to the circulation, quickly recovered the ball, took possession, overflowed and re-emerged with a forcefulness that disfigured his opponent until the break. In short, his determination was unstoppable, even for Barça.

In the 13th minute, although it could have been much earlier, Eric Martel connected with the goal with a left-footed shot from a direct free kick; at 16, Borja clinched the strategy from Dani Saldise’s side. From 0-1 to 2-1, which only stayed there at halftime due to Didac’s stops, in which the overwhelmed Barça team sustained its survival, which Inter doubled at the interval in shots on goal and of which there was no trace of his conclusive version of the day before.

Barça needed her, again with the scoreboard against, insistent from the beginning of the second period, with a shot to the post by Dyego, with the demand on Jesús Herrero, with everything he had not done before, with more possession, with more conviction … and with a 3-1 against, due to Marcenio’s expulsion for a double yellow, the numerical superiority of Inter and Borja’s goal.

In the absence of 12 and a half minutes, with five fouls for the Barça team and with an impossible mission today, even more so when Martel scored 4-1 moments later, when Cecilio achieved 5-1 -even with nine minutes to play-, when Martel achieved 6-1 with an empty goal and when in front is a team of the impressive level shown by Inter, who regained their place at the top of the Spanish Cup. No one has won more titles in this competition. There are already 11.

Data sheet:

6 – Movistar Inter: Jesús Herrero, Boyis, Cecilio, Martel, Dani Saldise -five initial-; Raya, Pito, Borja, Fernando, Bruno Iacovino.

1 – Barça: Didac, Marcenio, Daniel, Matheus, Ferrao -initial five-; Adolfo, Aicardo, Ximbinha, Daniel, Coelho, Joselito, Povill.

Goals: 0-1, m. 4: Ximbinha. 1-1, m. 13: Martel. 2-1, m. 16: Borja. 3-1, m. 28: Borja. 4-1, m. 29: Martel. 5-1, m. 31: Cecilio. 6-1, m. 32: Dani Saldise.

Referees: Juan José Cordero Gallardo and Carlos Rabadán Sainz. They expelled Marcenio, from Barça, for a double yellow (m. 15 and 27). They admonished Daniel (m. 24), by Barça.

Incidents: final of the 2021 Spanish Cup played at the WiZink Center in Madrid before 1,500 spectators.


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