Thu. Nov 21st, 2019

Intense day at the Pozo Izquierdo World Championship – La Provincia

The Gran Canaria Wind and Waves Festival 2019 lived today an intense second day in the water, with seven uninterrupted hours of competition, 32 races and 54 competitors in action. In addition, the judges of the PWA decided to launch the junior competition, which this year records an unprecedented record of participation with 54 enrolled in 7 different age categories. All the categories, with the exception of the under 20 men, have been waiting to celebrate the finals to meet the winners.

In the male under 20 category, the most numerous of the juniors with 21 registered, the competition has been stopped in the semifinals, with 4 competitors in the field: the Spanish Marino Gil, the Argentinian based in Gran Canaria Valentino Pasquale, the Polish Adam Warchol and the Japanese Takara Ishii. Of this sleeve will leave the two competitors that will dispute the end and both that will have to fight by the third and fourth position.

In the men's under-17 category, with 12 registered riders, the final will be played by Spaniard Liam Dunkerbeck and French Titouan Flechet, who won in each of their sleeves. In the fight for the third and fourth place are the German Lennart Neubauer and the Spanish Adrián González.

In the sub 13 and sub 15 categories the finals are also defined. In the first, they will face the German Carlos Kiefer, the Slovenian Val Erzen and the Spanish Miguel Mirón; while in the sub 15 the title will be played by the Japanese Hayata Ishii, the Danish Tobias Bjornaa and the Italian Giulio Gasparini.

Female competition

The women's competition, with 13 registered in three different categories, has all its finals ready for the final outcome. In the sub 20 category, the Spanish Regina Villegas will face the German Alexa Escherich and Lisa Witte.

In the sub 17 category, the final will be played between the Spanish Mar de Arce and Inés Arija, the Argentine based in Gran Canaria Julia Pasquale and the German Lina Thekook. In addition, note that Mar and Julia will meet again in the senior competition, where this year they have a place awarded by the PWA that have included them in the official table of the women's competition.

In the female under 15 category, the one corresponding to the youngest competitors of the race, the final will be disputed by the Spaniards María Morales and Isabel Triviño, the German based in Gran Canaria Alexia Kiefer and the Slovenian Lina Erzen.

The third day of the Gran Canaria Wind and Waves Festival 2019 will be held tomorrow, Sunday, July 14. The competitors have been summoned at 9:00 in the morning and at that time the PWA judges will communicate if they decide to continue with the junior competition and dispute the seven finals or start with the first few legs of the women's and men's competition official.

Marino Gil: "The sport of windsurfing is growing"

Marino Gil, one of the four competitors classified in the semifinals of the under 20 category, is looking forward to take part in the absolute competition, where since last year he has a place awarded by the PWA. The Pozo Izquierdo rider was one of the protagonists of the second day of the Gran Canaria Wind and Waves Festival 2019.

Raised athletically on the beach of Pozo Izquierdo is one of the local riders who has seen the junior category grow while growing athletically. Gil admits to feeling "very happy to see so many juniors competing, because this means that the sport of windsurfing is growing and more and more people want to sail". The level of the under 20 category of boys "is higher than in previous years", acknowledges Gil who sees "everyone sailing very well". In relation to his performance, he feels satisfied because "although they are not the best conditions, in the water I was able to do everything I wanted".

But Marino Gil not only competes in the junior sub category 20, he also has a place among professional riders. Last year I finish 17th in Pozo Izquierdo, a very good result considering the great level of this competition. Gil hopes to get this year "the same thing or perhaps finish a little better in the first round I have to measure my friend Mike Friedl and then, if I get through, I'll have to sail with the Venezuelan Gollito Estredo who is sailing this year, but I'm going to give my best to try to do my best. "
But before that, Marino will face in the semi-finals of the under 20 category the Polish Adam Warchol, while on the other side of the picture is his friend Valentino Pasquale who will face the Japanese Takara Ishii. The Pozo Izquierdo rider would love to face his friend in the final, with whom he shares navigation hours and experiences on land throughout the year.

Plastic Free Edition

The highlight of the program of the Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival is to clean the beach, which is held every year on the last day of the event in order to remove the plastics piled up on the coast. Cleaning is scheduled for Sunday, July 21, starting at 12:00. From the first year, the MorenoTwins Sports Club incorporated this action into the program of the event in order to raise awareness among competitors and spectators of the importance of keeping the coastline clean and, above all, to demonstrate that a large event can be organized respecting the environment ambient.

This year the organization has invited different groups working to clean the island of plastics to join this initiative to join efforts and achieve greater awareness. 'Paseo del plástico', 'Clean Ocean Project', 'Oceans4lifegc' and Proyecto Litore, together with the City of Santa Lucía, are some of the organizations that have already confirmed that they will collaborate with this action.

In addition this 2019, the Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival has joined the initiative to reduce the consumption of plastic by incorporating reusable cups and delivering reusable bottles to competitors, thus eliminating the use of single-use plastic bottles.

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