May 25, 2020

"Intemperie", by Benito Zambrano, a jewel for Pumares

Again in Valladolid, the international film festival popularly known as Seminci, which was first a meeting of "religious cinema", after "religious and human values"; later only of "human values" to stay permanently in the International Film Week of Valladolid.

The festival has started with its opening film: "Intemperie", by Benito Zambrano, a magnificent film, despite having a child. With a great Luis Tosar and great and almost deserted natural scenarios, the director tells the story in a great way, a real gem, now, what is intolerable, it must be said and underlined, is that when mixing in the pass to public and critics the seats are not numbered because it is the latter who finish from one armchair to another, which does not happen in any other balloon festival. A real shame that in the Carrión cinema, due to sound problems, nothing was understood about the film. However, when they release it, please don't stop seeing it.

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