September 30, 2020

“Insulting on Twitter is not political action, it is distraction”

They describe it as the soundtrack of a collective nervous breakdown. But it's not a big deal. The new album of !!! (Chk Chk Chk), the group with the least “googleable” name in the world is, as usual, a danceable cocktail that features themes to sweat on the track and to put a rhythm on our frantic gait through the corridors of the subway. "Wallop" is an urban, amphetamine and fight album that, yes, puts text to a decaying reality and voice to its participants, increasingly bewildered. They present this work and the rest of their festive arsenal of electronic punk on a five-date tour of our country: Vigo (December 10), Madrid (11, 981Heritage Estrella Galicia), Barcelona (12), Valencia (13) and Murcia (14).

-They continue to refine the formula of their sound.

-With each album we try to get lost and see what comes out. In this, the starting point was to lock ourselves in with a lot of synthesizers and try only the ones we didn't know how to use. We were looking for the naivety of inexperience. Just tangle with the machines, looking for something cool. We may have copied something from others before, when we did not trust our ability to handle the instruments, and I think it is a legitimate path. You have to imitate to find your way.

-Is this album more aggressive?

-I think so, that somehow came out, responding to the mood, to the environment. We also know that this is what people like live and we have highlighted it on the album. We thought it was necessary.

-In what sense?

-We wanted to make a strong statement, something like the title, "wallop" (slap), give a clear message. We felt that way with politics, we are a bit in shock. And we were trying to discover how that situation affects art and return a blow instead of an insipid title or content in My Bloody Valentine plan. It was the moment of a blow. And you can do it in a softer way, it's legitimate, but we choose the hard one.

-So it was supposed to be a political record.

-It was, but it didn't work. So we had to imagine how to do it because there isn't a song that talks about the president, but about how we feel about it.

-The feelings are felt in social networks.

-We live in a permanent battle pointing the finger at each other, shouting at us, insulting us on Twitter. It is everyone's entertainment and here there is a very serious confusion: we think that this is political action, when, in reality, that is political distraction.

-That is an unacceptable behavior in real life.

-It is fascinating. When you drive, if someone cuts your path, you insult. When you walk, if that happens or someone interrupts you and asks you to take a picture, you behave completely differently, you accept the apologies, and help. That is because you recognize someone as a human immediately. On the internet or with the abstract person inside a car, you get furious. It is a dehumanization. That's why the celebration, the party and the dance, people together watching a concert, is a human experience.

– Would you say we live an era of mind control?

-I would say that we have no clue what is happening. Is it an era of mind control? I don't know, uncle, it's a crazy whore, it's like … is it internet liberating or is it oppressive? I have no fucking idea, fuck. But it scares. I do not know what is happening.

-Do you use social networks?

-Of course, and I enjoy them. They are useful are a form of communication and is good. I have a friend that I have not seen in years, that only exists in the form of snacks on the screen of my phone, because we never talk, but we write all the time and it is not bad, I am not one of those who gets angry for not Have physical contact. Of course it is the best, but look, I spent years without contact, missing his way of thinking and now I can communicate with him. I think there are good and bad things and I am not one of those who say "we are going to hell". But I have to admit that this era is testing my optimism. This is strange.

– Does the political situation also tests it?

-Absolutely. More than anything in my life, really. It's hard, because I think the older you get, the more you think things are worse than they were, and, well, maybe it's not true, it's just that you've only grown old. I hope that in 2022 it won't be worse yet … I hope it's the dark hours before dawn. The point is that you don't know when you've reached the lowest point and that's the scary part.

-What can music do about this?

-I don't know, really, I don't know. Unite people in some way. You do something beautiful and throw it into a world that is full of ugliness. And you have the faith that beauty will win in that battle. In my experience there are many musicians I've met and people from the industry who choose the cynical view of this. "Bah, do it for the money," or "it doesn't matter, fuck him." We have never allowed it, we have always preferred the optimistic and pure side of music. We started as a punk band that never imagined giving interviews in a hotel in Europe. This is the gift we have received for giving beauty to the world, the truth is what we do and what we feel. It is something we like to do. It's a gift to make music and you expect people to receive it that way, and that people recognize it in a world full of ugliness.

– Is the theme “50 Million” a self reminder?

– (laughs) No doubt. It's a little joke: “Hey, for $ 50,000 we don't sell ourselves, because they don't change our lives, but 50 million? Fuck! Now we begin to understand …! ”(Laughs). Unfortunately, we have never seen each other in the position of having to reject that indecent pasta, so …

-At the end of the disc there is an escape door of this oppressive reality. Which?

-The door is the one you know. Everyone, deep down, we have one and we know where it is. The door is precisely what you are afraid to do. You will always get the best results from what you are afraid to face. That is the door, what scares you.

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