August 3, 2021

Insulting a teacher through a WhatsApp group can end up in the Courts – The Province

Insulting a teacher through a WhatsApp group can end up in the Courts - The Province

Insulting a teacher through the social networks and, very specifically, through the groups of fathers and mothers of WhatsApp can constitute a crime and end the matter in complaint.

He ANPE syndicate he recalled yesterday in the presentation of a decalogue for the proper use of these digital groups of families of students "who were born to inform and clarify doubts, but never to insult or disparage," said Montserrat Fernandez yesterday, responsible for the service of Professor's Advocate of the aforementioned teacher union.

In Asturias there is a Law of Teachers' Authority, still to be developed. The legal text marks the playing field. Insulting a teacher may have the same seriousness as against a police officer. And the truth is that in social networks, converted in many cases in digital macrobotellones where anything goes and everything is jelly, teachers have detected everything. "This is a tool that is often used to intoxicate," says Montserrat Fernández.

ANPE celebrated yesterday the World Teachers' Day with a call for attention to perverse practices: "We just want to warn and remember that the problems that may be in a classroom are not fixed with WhatsApp messages."

ANPE has a decalogue of good use of WhatsApp, with a first point that in some way summarizes the philosophy of the campaign: "Never use the group to criticize, insult or defame teachers, other fathers or mothers or the students themselves / ace".

Withdrawal on time

The union advises retiring on time "if the group begins to be used in an inappropriate manner" as well as avoiding adding anyone without prior consultation "because not all parents want to be in the group".

If there is evidence of insults ("this teacher is an imbecile"), disqualifications ("the teacher of Mathematics does not know or add") or even threats ("as it occurs to suspend my son killed him"), ANPE is clear course to follow by the teacher.

"Check those insults or threats, download them as proof, immediately inform the school's management and report".

"You should never question the competence of a teacher in your work," said Beatriz Garcia, delegate of Primary of the union ANPE. Networks, he added, can not replace the normal channels of information in a teaching center.

The Defender of the Professor of ANPE received in the academic year 2016-17 a total of 39 complaints from teachers.


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