“Instructions to walk on the wire”: Overcome, fight, beat … and get sick ★★★

Author: Javier G. Yagüe, QY Bazo and Juanma Romero. Director: Javier G. Yagüe. Interpreters: Marina Herranz, Rosa Manteiga, Javier Pérez-Acebrón, Guillermo Sanjuán and Aitor Satrústegui. Fourth Wall Room, Madrid. Until February 29.

After the successful Nothing to lose, released a few years ago, the Fourth Wall Company now presents the second installment of a trilogy that, according to those responsible, is characterized by having the thriller format as a common denominator. There are not, strictly speaking, too many elements of this genre in either of the two works; but the truth is that it is not necessary either: both shows have a dramatic and conceptual substrate so solid that the least is to hit with the label of the specific genre that we put them. In the case at hand, “Instructions for walking on the wire” can be defined as a fierce and accurate criticism of the model of competitive, frantically competitive society, in which we have been immersed for too long. Javier G. Yagüe achieves that critical spirit in the viewer with revealing openness thanks, above all, to a thorough work of purification in the dramaturgical structure – signed by himself with QY Bazo and Juanma Romero – which has allowed all scenes can be inferred as side effects and plausible from other previously sketched or directly developed scenes. The interrelation of events and conflicts cannot be more solid and plausible throughout the whole function. It is a pity, therefore, that the treatment of occasional scenes, such as that of cockroaches on hospital sheets or that of the publicist’s violent relationship with the intern, has been unnecessarily extreme. Although they were situations extracted from reality, which could well be, in theater, and in any other fiction of this kind, it is not as important to stick to that reality as to make things have their unequivocal appearance.


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