"'Instinct' has nothing to do with '50 Shades of Gray '"

"'Instinct' has nothing to do with '50 Shades of Gray '"

Neither Mario Casas is Christian Gray, nor "Instinct" is "50 shades of Gray". The actor defended this Sunday in Cannes the originality of his series, which "has nothing to do" with that film adaptation of the erotic novel.

"It has nothing to do, there is some reference, I think, in the masks, but for me it would be more an 'Eyes Wide Shut' or 'Shame' in the relationship with that kind of genre," he said during his presentation at the audiovisual market MIPTV, which will be held in Cannes until next Thursday.

The series, which premieres on May 10 at Movistar +, co-producer with Bambú Producciones and Studiocanal, consists of eight episodes centered on the character played by Casas, Marco Mur, a tormented success entrepreneur who explodes in sex.

The image of a handsome and powerful protagonist who resorts to sex toys, in some cases sadistic, to face their problems, has been reason for many to speak of "Instinct" as of the "50 shades of Gray" Spanish.

"There are some sex scenes that have been very strong for me, because I have exposed myself, there are practices of drowning, of domination, of submission, and I have tried to dump myself emotionally, it has been quite hard at times," the film interpreter confessed. as "The photographer of Mauthausen" or "3 meters above the sky".

The Galician said he sees series every day because he "love" and said that with "Instinct" are offering something different.

The latest bets of the television industry, which is being shown these days at Cannes on MIPTV and the Canneseries festival, have pushed the accelerator in high-erotic content plots, such as "Now Apocalypse", which will be presented tomorrow, following the wake of the success of Netflix "Sex Education", whose protagonist Emma Mackey is a member of the jury in this second edition of the contest.

Teresa Fernández-Valdés, co-founder of Bambú Producciones, told Efe that the opening of this genre in the series was "something that was pending." Its appeal in the case of young people seems "obvious", while for adults it is "speaking naturally of a reality that is not talked about".

"Sex can not mean dodgy or disgusting because we all have sex," he said regretting that the sexual references of television and movies come only from porn.

The research work of his team, with consultations to psychologists, sexologists and other experts, has shown him that there are "a lot more people focused on seeking pleasures than we can imagine", and he jokes with the tagline with which he has received numerous stories: "I have a friend who …"

"It always happens to friends, it's always 'my friend went to an exchange club' …" Casas said in statements to Efe.

For Houses "there has to be no hesitation in talking about sex" because "they are topics known by everyone" although in the series "there are sexual practices that can surprise you or toys that you see and you can crash".

The actress Silvia Alonso, who gives life to a daring and ambitious character little seen in female roles, lamented that "when it comes to telling sex in fiction you always see the same dynamic" and considered that if reality is portrayed, "the Sex is a very important part of our life. "

"Everyone has their sexuality and there are some very strange and each person is very strange things give morbid.It is interesting to tell what is going on claiming each person," settled Alonso.

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