Instagram proves a sidecroll' like that of the stories – The Province

Logo de Instagram.

Instagramhas begun as a test the distribution of a new format to pass the publications in a lateral way that replaces the'scroll'vertical that until now allowed to navigate through the social network of photography.

Instagram users have started to inform on social networks of a change they have noticed as soon as they access their profile: now they have totouch the publicationsto move from one to another laterally, a format similar to that already present in the stories.

This new way of moving horizontally through publications replaces the'scroll'vertical and it is reaching users all over the world, although it seems that it is staggered. The social network itself warns with a message of the change when accessing the profile.

However, as confirmed by Instagram's manager,Adam Mossseri, in its Twitter profile, this change is a test that initially was going to be done to a smaller group of users, although due to an error it has become widespread.

Many users who have seen how their'scroll'have reported that they have the traditional vertical scroll again.


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