Mon. Nov 11th, 2019

Instagram launches an update in which you can choose the dark mode

The new update of Instagram. And this time it is not a usual error correction, but the application will now have the option of a dark mode.

This new version can only be downloaded on mobile phones that have IOS 13 Y Andorid 10. Therefore, it is already official that any consumer of the social network can opt for this mode, since Apple Store and Google Play have already launched the respective operating systems.

IOS 13 and Android 10 are the requirements to download the update

Instagram is not the first to develop this version, since previously they did Twitter Y Pinterest. But it has a difference with these applications. This option cannot be activated and deactivated manually within the social network, but it is required that the operating system of the smartphone be in night mode always. So only those who enjoy this version can also have it in their feed Instagram

As some images of how this new update already shows, not everything is completely black. Specifically, what is in this color are the background of the photos and the "Follow" or "Send message" buttons. On the other hand, the fixed bottom bar and the "Explore" section are in dark gray.

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