‘Inocentes’ grows with the company of ‘My daughter’ and both win the ‘Deluxe’ Sunday

The Turkish tandem formed by ‘Inocentes’ and ‘My daughter’ yesterday won the ‘Deluxe’ in its new jump to Sunday. The first of the Antena 3 fictions achieved 14.4% and 1,740,000 viewers, which represents a great rise of almost a million faithful. For its part, ‘My daughter’ achieved a spectacular 19.2% and 1,710,000 followers. However, the ‘Deluxe’ (16.4% and 1,389,000) lasted until almost two in the morning and beat the entire container ‘Unforgettable Week’, which averaged 15.5% and 1,301,000 followers at issue a replenishment at midnight. .

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