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InnoBankia Awards to six companies of the Islands – La Provincia

InnoBankia Awards to six companies of the Islands - La Provincia

Bankiaand LA PROVINCIA / Diario de Las Palmas yesterday recognized the work of six Canarian companies through the InnoBankia Awards, which aim to give visibility to the projects that are carried out in the Islands.During the ceremony held at the Club LA PROVINCIA the names of the companies awarded in five categories were announced: the Best Professional Career, Innovation, the Best Tourism Company, Sustainability and the Best Exporting Company. In addition, the Indicex Special Prize for Digitalization was awarded.

BeCordial Hotels & Resorts was chosen as the winner of the InnoBankia Award for Sustainability. This distinction recognizes companies that have launched actions aimed at achieving sustainable development, that stand out for their innovative nature or that have social or environmental benefits.

BeCordial Hotels? Sorts was created in 2004 with the management of three tourist complexes in the South of Gran Canaria that added 470 accommodation units, based on the experience of more than thirty years in the sector of its management team. In this award were also finalists: Art Centers, Culture andtourismof the Cabildo de Lanzarote, Ecobrisas and Elittoral Slne. The director of Be Cordial, Nicolás Villalobos, collected the awards in an event that was attended by the finalists and guests from the business world.

EmicelaS.A. won the InnoBankia Award for the Best Exporting Company, an award that seeks recognition for those entities that have opted to export their product and open to new markets from the Canary Islands. The finalists in this award were in addition to Emicela S.A., Aloe Plus Lanzarote S.L, Mojos Guachinerfe and Positronica S.A.

Emicela is a family business with more than 50 years of existence founded in 1963 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. In its beginnings, it focused on coffee roasting to later add the manufacture of nuts and snacks. It is currently present on four continents, sells to more than 50 countries and employs more than 400 people. Its president Sergio Arencibia said that next year will be extended to the Maldives.

Canarias Residences S.A. (Hotel Bohemia Suites & Spa) received the award for the Best Tourist Company. This award distinguishes those companies that are carrying out innovative initiatives and projects in this field.

Canarias Residences S.A. (Hotel Bohemia Suites & Spa), run by Fernando Calvo, is a five-star hotel, for adults only, that combines luxury in an isolated setting where guests can enjoy total peace and privacy. The hotel is characterized by maintaining a 100% personalized service from booking to stay and betting on new technologies to improve their services. In this award were also finalists Be Cordial Hotels & Resorts, Art Centers, Culture and Tourism of theCabildo of Lanzaroteand Viajes Insular S.A.

Career path

Domingo AlonsoGroup was erected with the Professional Career Award. With this distinction companies that are more than 15 years old are rewarded, whose trajectory has been an example in the search for excellence. The finalists were also: Cooperativa Farmacéutica Canaria – Cofarca, Emicela S.A and Martín e Hijos S.L.

The group of the recently disappeared Sergio Alonso, who was remembered in the act yesterday, has a consolidated track record not only for his experience with the automotive brands with which he works, but also for the diversification of activity and internationalization and for the commitment to investment in companies in the technology sector. More than 1,500 people belong to Domingo Alonso Group around the world in all the sectors in which the entity operates.

And the InnoBankia Award for Innovation was for the Cooperative Farmacéutica Canaria – Cofarca, which was picked up by its president, Manuel Valido. They opted for this category, together with Cooperativa Farmacéutica Canaria – Cofarca, Domingo Alonso Group SL, Elittoral Slne and Sports Management Consultants S.L.

Cooperativa Farmacéutica Canaria – Cofarca has more than 80 years of history. It is a solid company that combines traditional values ​​with a very innovation-oriented approach. It has one of the most modern warehouses in the Canary Islands, with the aim of guaranteeing excellence in service to more than 370 cooperative pharmacies in the province.

Outside of these categories, the Indicex Special Prize for Digitalization was awarded. The Indicex tool is a free web page that assesses important aspects of each company, such as the level of digital competitiveness, as well as the strategy, user exposure, positioning, security or content on the Internet. This digital tool developed by Bankia was applied to all registered companies and the distinction went to the Aloe Plus Lanzarote S.L. directed by Martín Eugenio Pérez.

Aloe Plus Lanzarote was born in 2007 and has opted for natural resources, not only aloe, but has put into value during all this time materials such as salt, wine and cochineal in its cosmetic aspect.

It is also a company that first aimed at regionalization and then internationalized with presence in countries such as Morocco, Senegal, Italy or Belarus.

Yesterday's event was attended by different Bankia representatives, such as Federico Navarro, territorial director of Bankia in the Canary Islands, Salvador Curiel, director of Business of Bankia or Miguel Ángel Montesdeoca, commercial director of the financial institution in the Canary Islands.

Federico Navarro explained during the ceremony that, with these awards, Bankia accompanies the work of the companies so that not only the entity is seen as a provider of money but as a "partner" plus.

The manager of the Canary Press, Carlos Delgado, highlighted the high participation of the first edition of the InnoBankia Awards organized by Bankia and LA PROVINCIA / DLP.

These awards are an initiative that "have as main objective to give image and visibility to the wide diversity of business that exists in the Islands, as well as to recognize their important work," he explained.

Delgado also indicated that what was intended with these distinctions "was to open a window – inserted in the digital edition of LA PROVINCIA for almost a hundred days – to convey a positive and real image of the business ecosystem at the same time and that anyone who wanted to could read, see and know the stories of the companies. "

After congratulating the winners and thanking Bankia for their support, Delgado wished that these were "only the first prizes in a long list of stories to be seen in future editions".


The registration period was open for two months through the website created for these awards. A professional jury was in charge of choosing the finalists and winners in each of the categories.

The jury of these awards was composed by Agustín Robles Hernández, director of Zona Las Palmas Norte of Bankia and Marcos Olivan Cortés, director of the Business Center 8745 of Bankia; Antonio Marcelino Santana, managing director of the Science and Technology Park Foundation of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria; Carlos Díaz, head of the Project Analysis Department of the Economic Promotion Society of Gran Canaria (SPEGC) dependent on the Cabildo de Gran Canaria; Clara Sosa, Technical Manager of Competitiveness, External Promotion and Internal Communication of the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – representing the Councilor for Economic Promotion, Employment and Tourism,Pedro Quevedo-; Gustavo Ojeda, second vice president of the Canarian Confederation of Businessmen, José Joaquín Bethencourt, CEO of the Society for the Economic Development of the Canary Islands (Sodecan) and Pilar Alcaide, general director of the Chamber of Commerce of Gran Canaria.

All the information media of LA PROVINCIA / DLP (printed newspaper, digital edition and social channels) will give visibility to the winners.

In addition, all the information about the participating companies, as well as the winners, can be found through the web of the prizes.


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