October 27, 2020

Inland mining finishes its cycle in León when it closes Antracitas Salgueiro

Inland mining finishes its cycle in León when it closes Antracitas Salgueiro

The mining of interior has ended today its cycle definitively in the province of Leon with the closing of the exploitation Antracitas de Salgueiro, in Santa Cruz de Montes, locality of the municipality of Torre del Bierzo, where, nevertheless, only maintenance work was carried out since 2012.

"Although it did not contribute much financially, the closure is the symbol of the end of a historic cycle in El Bierzo," the Mayor of Torre del Bierzo, Gabriel Folgueral, told Efe.

The score of workers still operating in the coal mine received the letter of dismissal that has become effective today and have left the pit.

Folgueral explains that the company has had to take advantage of this plan since unprofitable companies should return the aid if they did not close, but does not rule out that coal will come out of the well next year "if the situation changes".

"What is clear is that the future must mark new lines and we have to reinvent ourselves," says the alderman, who confesses "worried" about the lack of employment in his municipality.

The operation of Union Minera del Norte (UMINSA) is in the hands of a bankruptcy administrator and is the last mining company in Bercia that was still operational, although only with maintenance work since 2012.

That year Uminsa announced the closure of an active well since 1960 and that it had 150 employees when it absorbed the group Campomanes Hermanos.

In recent years, the number of workers was around thirty.

Uminsa announced the closure six years ago justified in the lack of the collection of state aid and a Coal Plan to which to qualify.


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