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The term received inheritance was institutionalized by José María Aznar, Pablo Casado's political godfather, in 1996. A year earlier, GDP grew by 4%, exports by 10% and public debt was close to 60% of GDP, and Aznar said that Spain was in crisis and broken.

In 2018, when the Popular Party left the Government, GDP grew by 2.5%, exports were stagnant, public debt close to 100% of GDP. And Pablo Casado speaks of what was an economic miracle, and warns of the apocalypse that comes, although the GDP grew in the third quarter as before the motion of censure.

Social Security reflects the inheritance of PP management. In 2011, before Rajoy reached the Moncloa, the deficit was 0.1% of GDP and there were 67,000 million in the piggy bank. Six years later, the public pension system has a hole of 18,000 million and the piggy bank has been left empty. Being the only government of democracy with which pensioners have lost purchasing power, especially the three million Spaniards who have a pension of less than 650 euros per month.

In 1995 the average price of a house in Spain was three times the average annual salary. In 2004, the price of a house was seven times the average salary. With a Government of the PP had formed in Spain the biggest real estate bubble from Isabel the Catholic; and Aznar, Rodrigo Rato, Mariano Rajoy and Pablo Casado in New Generations spoke of economic miracle. José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero changed the land law to prohibit speculation in real estate appraisals, had the first fiscal surplus of democracy that in 2007 reached 2% of GDP, saved almost 50,000 million for the piggy bank of pensions that have protected the seven million pensioners of the cuts and the net public debt fell to 23% of GDP. And the PP had the cynicism to blame him for the bubble and the crisis.

All those responsible for the PP installed a button in Genoa to reset. The PP has governed Spain 15 of the last 22 years, and eight of them with an absolute majority. But as soon as they leave the government, they blame the Socialists for all their own management errors. Casado has appointed Alberto Nadal as head of economics. This was until May the Secretary of State for Budgets responsible for inflating the revenue and who forgot to put in what sent to Brussels the rise of pensions of 3,000 million. And it has the hard face of blaming the new government, which has not yet approved any measure that affects the deficit.

Nadal was previously Secretary of State for Energy, and approved the current formula that sets the prices of electricity. He was the one who demonized renewables and put the sun tax to penalize photovoltaic self-consumption. And today Casado and the PP blame the Sanchez government for the closure of the Alcoa factory, since the company has said that it is going by the high cost of energy. Donald Trump would be a scholar in the PP.


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