Infections continue to rise in the Canary Islands and hospitalizations for covid grow

Archive image of health workers attending to a covid patient at the Gran Canaria Maternal and Child Hospital. / EFE

Health reported another six deaths on the islands. The incidence has risen 80 points in a week. There are 46 more hospitalized than on Friday

Carmen Delia Aranda

In the last days,
The transmission of the coronavirus in the Canary Islands is taking an upward trend. The few parameters that are released twice a week on the evolution of the pandemic indicate this.

On the other hand,
the trickle of deaths of infected people continues in the archipelago and yesterday Health communicated the death of another six since Friday; four in Tenerife and two in Gran Canaria, aged between 51 and 97 years old and all of them with previous pathologies.


  • Incidence
    The islands continue to be the community with the second highest incidence at seven days among the elderly, 473 points

  • 25 kills
    That is the number of people who died during the month of June with the virus or covid in the archipelago

  • Hospitalizations
    There are 276 covid patients admitted to the islands -20 in the ICU and 256 on the ward-, 46 more than on Friday

With these new victims,
There are already 25 people who have died with the virus or cause of covid in the Canary Islands during the month of Juneaccording to the count made by the
Ministry of Health.

Since last Friday, they have been counted in the archipelago
1,186 new positives among the population over 60 years of age, the only one to which an epidemiological follow-up is carried out after the 'flu' phase of the pandemic.

On the other hand,
cumulative incidence to seven days in this sector of the population it has grown 81 points during the last week, going from 391.87 cases per 100,000 inhabitants registered last Tuesday to 473.24 yesterday.

The archipelago remains the
second community with the highest incidence among those over 60 years and shortens distances with Madrid, which has a seven-day cumulative infection rate of 485.56 points.

In the case of the fourteen-day cumulative incidence in people over 60 years of age, the parameter stood this Tuesday at 869.75 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

hospital pressure

Another element of concern is the
increase in hospital admissions of patients with coronavirus, although the healthcare pressure in the archipelago remains at a
low risk level, except Gran Canariawhich has 6.43% of its hospital beds occupied by covid patients, which places it at medium risk.

The Ministry of Health of the regional government reported yesterday that on the islands there are
276 people admitted with the virus, 46 more than on Fridays. This Tuesday, the Canarian hospitals treated 256 infected people on the floor, 38 more than four days ago. The number of covid patients has also grown in intensive care units, going from 12 on Friday to 20 yesterday.

Gran Canaria, the most unfavorable situation

The island where the virus is circulating the most is Gran Canariawith a seven-day cumulative incidence in people over 60 of 609 nine cases per 100,000 inhabitants and 14 days of 1,200 cases, according to the epidemiological report issued by Public Health this Tuesday.

The second island with the worst epidemiological situation is
Fuerteventurawith an incidence of 485 infections accumulated over seven days in people over 60 years of age per 100,000 inhabitants.
The Palm it is, on the other hand, the one that presents a more favorable situation, with an incidence of 180 points.

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