April 14, 2021

Infected meat arrives in Spain from Poland

Infected meat arrives in Spain from Poland

The scandal of the meat of infected cows came to light after the local Polish television made a report in a slaughterhouse in which the slaughtered cows were sick and did not comply with the sanitary regulations of the European Union. The amount of infected meat amounts to 2,500 tons that were exported to ten countries of the Union, such as Spain, France or Portugal.

At the moment it is not known in which Spanish establishments the meat in poor condition was sold. According to sources from the Ministry of Agriculture, all relevant data are being analyzed to provide all the information on food safety in Spain. This health alert puts in check the regions that have been affected, forcing them to remove all contaminated meat from the market. The first to do so has been Portugal and France where 795 kilos of meat have been located.


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