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Canary Islands companies have long demonstrated that there are no barriers to setting up a business from the archipelago. The magnificent training and capacity of the island professionals are living proof that competing and providing services both inside and outside the islands at the highest level is totally possible.

As a result of the numerous joint projects between Inerza and Contactel, Inetel Technologies was born, a Canarian consortium focused on providing ICT services to both the public administration and private institutions and with a leading position in its sector.

Now, Inetel Technologies has given a new impetus to its progress by fully entering the share capital of Business Dream Factory PFP as a new partner, being a strategic incorporation that thus strengthens the ability to face and promote alternative financing compared to traditional financing.

This first-rate collaboration between the leading technology company and the leading financing platform in the Canary Islands will bring undoubted value to the island's business ecosystem, with a vocation for services and proposals aimed at creating jobs and wealth, injecting private financing into multi-sector projects.

A new era in the investment sector

Thanks to the highly digital components in the provision of services, Inetel Technologies puts all its experience in
BDKapital.esthe Participatory Financing Platform of Business Dream Factory PFP, whose activity is regulated and supervised by the CNMV (National Securities Market Commission), thus providing complete security to investors and users of the platform.

The benefits of this collaboration are more than evident, since the strength of both actors in the business sector of the islands will allow the attraction of greater investment from abroad to companies and professionals of the archipelago.

In this way, Inetel Technologies joins an outstanding group of companies and professionals that are already part of the shareholders of, coinciding with their leadership and strength in their respective economic sectors.

All partners aim to share their success and business knowledge with small investors, sharing investment opportunities, thus democratizing investments.

The importance of building a future with solid foundations

They say that the quality of the fruit depends a lot on the health of the roots of the tree. In the same way, the solidity of any structure is almost always due to the cohesion and firmness of the pillars that support it.

For this reason, the success of Inetel Technologies is not surprising, the logical result of cooperation and the human and technological resources available to its parent companies: Inerza and Contactel.

On the one hand, Inerza is an organization strongly established in the consultancy archipelago with a clear focus on providing services within the field of new technologies and telecommunications, specializing in the implementation of ICT solutions, software development and outsourcing services for business processes, technological solutions and infrastructures.

On the other hand, Contactel is a business group specialized in the creation, distribution and implementation of tools aimed at improving the productivity and efficiency of customer service, being a leader in the development of intelligent communication systems in the Canary Islands and helping to transform businesses, adapt them to permanent changes and achieve a competitive advantage in the market.

Seen what has been seen, the incorporation of Inetel Technologies, the most important ICT company of the islands, to Business Dream Factory PFP brings even more potential and security to, the first participatory financing platform with capital of purely Canarian constitution.

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