Mon. Dec 16th, 2019

Inés Arrimadas had to leave escorted from the Parliament of Catalonia

Inés Arrimadas tuvo que salir escoltada del Parlament por la manifestación del 1-O

The leader of Ciutadans, Inés Arrimadas, has reported on his Twitter account that last night he had to leave escorted of the Parliament of Catalonia. He left the institution at the moment of maximum boom of the mobilization for the anniversary of the 1-O and the protesters undertook it with her. He received numerous insults such as "fascist" or "scoundrel" as you can see in the video that she shared. A police cordon was necessary to protect Arrimadas and his team.

"Today again, when finishing the preparations for the plenary sessions of tomorrow, we had to leave escorted from the Parlament by a strong police cordon by the presence of a demonstration of the separatist commandos at the door," the opposition leader complained last night. Catalan

The manifestation in memory of 1-O started in Plaza Catalunya, but ended at the doors of Parlament. The organizers chose to dismiss the protest, but hundreds of people stayed in front of the institution of their own free will. There were moments of tension with the Mossos d'Esquadra, but finally the Catalan police were able to evict them.

The deputy of ERC Ruben Wagensberg has described this incident of Arrimadas as a "Show" He believes that Arrimadas and his team caused this episode to have their minute of glory on television. Through a tweet explains that "the deputies of C's have waited for the peak of the demonstration to leave the Parliament. In the photo, the head of the press abroad verifying that there are cameras before the exit. They are all show. "

The "plenums" referred to by Arrimadas on his Twitter are those related to the general policy debate that is being held today in the Catalan Chamber, which returns to parliamentary activity after weeks of stoppage.

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