January 23, 2021

Inequality between men and women, in graphics – The Province

Inequality between men and women, in graphics - The Province

Inequality between men and women in Spain is also expressed through statistics. The numbers are cold, but eloquent. Thepending challenges in Spainto achieve effective equality, there are many, as many as areas in which differences persist that concern the labor, conciliation or political representation, to cite several examples.


The latest data released this week on registered unemployment once again show thatthe increase in unemployment in Spain has a female face. Labor precariousness affects especially this sector of the population and up to now it is not perceived that the problem can be solved, since the situation threatens to become structural. The high temporality of work also harms statistics on contributions to the different Social Security schemes.


With regard to salaries, the wage gap continues to be a problem of the first order, which also meansSerious obstacle to economic growthfrom Spain. Suffice the data of the Women's Institute, which show that the average distance in Spain is 22%, with a difference of almost 6,000 euros between what a man and a woman earns after one year in our country.


Another aspect in which the inequality between men and women in Spain is felt most crudely is that which has to do with pensions. Thedistance between the average retirement pensionbetween men and women. In all categories of these benefits, the woman receives a lower amount, except in what refers to the widow's pension.


Housework is another of the fields where the distance between genders is best appreciated. The progressive aging of society is helping to reinforce thestereotype of women as main support in the fieldof the assistance care. In addition, while the rate of female employment decreases with the number of children, that of men remains the same. More than 90% of people who work part time to care for their children and dependents are women. Also, the percentage of shared maternity leave -4,371 against 247,975 assumed by them alone- remains very low.


The Government of Pedro Sánchez includes 11 ministers and 7 ministers, but at the municipal levelonly 1,604 of the 8,228 Spanish town hallshas a mayor, 19.5%. In the Congress, of a total of 350 deputies, 141 are women, while 98 women out of a total of 266 parliamentarians sit on the Senate seats.


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