April 16, 2021

Industry says that diesel has a lot of life

Industry says that diesel has a lot of life

In just seven months, the diesel has gone from being sentenced by the Government to continue having "a lot of life". In July of last year, the Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, said that these engines "have their days numbered. It will last more or less, but we know that its impact on particles and the air we breathe is important enough to think about an exit process. " But today, before an auditorium full of representatives of the world of motor, the XXVIII Congress & Expo of Faconauto -the employers of the concessionaires-, the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, have launched a message diametrically opposed to that of Ribera. According to Maroto, combustion engines "still have a lot to say", while adding that the Spanish automobile market is currently in a context in which it can not do without them.

Maroto has ensured that the manufacturers have achieved a "substantial improvement" in terms of the emission levels of the new diesel and gasoline engines, so that, "without a doubt", they will continue in the market. "The key is the rejuvenation of the mobile fleet, encouraging the purchase of new vehicles, equipped with traditional engines or new technologies. The important thing is to opt for vehicles that are in tune with the great challenges, "he said. This last reflection of Maroto goes in line with what have always defended the car manufacturers that the real problem of pollution is not in the diesel engines but in the antiquity of many of them, so they have always been supporters of that the Government put in place incentives to rejuvenate the mobile fleet.

The head of Industry, Trade and Tourism has ensured that 2019 will be a "very volatile" year and highlighted the importance of defining a roadmap between public administrations and the entire value chain of the automotive sector to face future challenges. In this context, it will be "key" the Strategic Agreement of the Automotive Sector prepared by the Government and that aims to turn the challenges presented by the new connected, efficient and sustainable mobility into opportunities. "It will integrate the entire value chain, from manufacturers to We want the car to continue creating employment, wealth and quality of life, and this agreement will be a key part of achieving this, "he stressed.


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