Industry and unions ask Alcoa to postpone the closing six more months to find a solution | Economy

Industry and unions ask Alcoa to postpone the closing six more months to find a solution | Economy

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, has assured that after the meeting of this Tuesday on the future of Alcoa between Government, companies, Galicia, Asturias and unions, a document of minimums was drawn up in which, among other things, the company is required to set a deadline of six months to seek an alternative to the closure of the plants in Aviles and A Coruña

Maroto, in an interview with Cadena Ser, stated that the stoppage of the ERE launched by the US company in both Spanish centers is also requested and that a longer timeframe can be worked on to find solutions to the problem.

"There are solutions and we are evaluating projects," said the head of the Industry portfolio, while stressing the need for a willingness on the part of Alcoa to reach solutions similar to those that have been reached in the cases of Vestas and Cemex .

Alcoa denies the blockade

"Yesterday Alcoa denied that it was blocking the situation, that is not true, the blockade is true and it is confirmed every day at the tables that we are carrying out, therefore, if there is a will on the part of the company, the Government has already demonstrated in the cases of Vestas and Cemex, we can look for a reindustrialization solution for any company closure that occurs in this country, "he added.

According to sources close to the negotiations, in the current situation a new work route is opened with Alcoa aimed at delaying the completion of the employment regulation file that the company has submitted for 686 workers, while seeking, at the same time, a solution that guarantees the viability of both plants, according to EFE.

In this sense, the aforementioned sources have indicated that this petition is the result of joint work between the central government, the unions and the administrations involved, which yesterday were meeting at the Ministry's headquarters with the company for six hours.

Six hours of negotiation

In addition, it is expected that there will be a response from Alcoa to these requests in a short space of time, although yesterday it already indicated that it is not blocking the negotiations, as Maroto assured.

For its part, Industry sources explained, after six and a half hours of negotiation, a line of work with the company has been opened, after the blockade maintained the past months in the different meetings of the work table, according to Europa Press.

"Now we move to a scenario of prudence in which several proposals have been put on the table, among which is to establish a six-month deadline to analyze everything," the sources added.


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