Industrial turnover grows in the Canary Islands

Industrial turnover grows in the Canary Islands

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So far this year the accumulated rise in the islands is 26.7%

Industry turnover increased
32.2% in the Canary Islands in February, compared to the same month of the previous year, while so far this year the accumulated rise is 26.7%, according to data released this Friday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

In Spain,
turnover rose 20.3% in February Compared to the same month of 2021, a rate 1.8 points lower than that of January.

With the interannual advance of February,
the turnover of the industry adds 12 consecutive months of promotions after having previously chained a year of negative year-on-year rates due to the Covid crisis.

By sectors,
energy shot up their sales 93.6% year-on-year, while intermediate goods invoiced 25.7% more. These advances are followed by durable consumer goods (+19.2%) and non-durable consumer goods (+16.5%). Capital goods, on the other hand, cut their sales by 0.2% compared to February of last year.

The branches where sales increased the most in the interannual rate were coking plants and oil refining (+93.6%); the manufacture of jewelry, costume jewelery and musical instruments (+50%) and the manufacture of consumer electronics (+41%), while the only ones that cut them were the manufacture of motor vehicles (-12.4 %); the manufacture of computers (-8.3%) and the tobacco industry (-0.1%).

the calendar effect and seasonalitythe turnover of the industry rose by 20.8% year-on-year in the second month of the year, a rate 2.5 points higher than that of January.

In the
first two months of the year the turnover of the industry has increased by an average of 19.5%, highlighting the increases in sales in coke ovens and oil refining (+87.2%) and in the manufacture of jewelery and costume jewelery (+66 %).

Monthly increase in sales of 2.2%

In monthly terms (February over January) and in data adjusted for seasonality and calendar, the industry registered an increase in its sales of 2.2% in the second month of the year, one point less than in January, when its monthly billing increased by 3.2%.

By sectors,
energy increased its sales by 10.1% compared to January, while non-durable consumer goods, durable consumer goods and intermediate goods invoiced 6.3%, 2.6% and 1.4% more, respectively. The only sector that reduced its sales in the month was capital goods (-2%).

The activities that increased the most its sales compared to January were the manufacture of beverages (+21.6%), the tobacco industry (+15.2%) and the manufacture of other transport material (+13%), while the only monthly cuts they were recorded in the manufacture of motor vehicles (-7.1%) and in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products (-3.6%).

All communities increase their sales

The turnover of the industry increased last February in all the autonomous communities in interannual rate.

The greatest increases occurred in Murcia (+41.5%), Asturias (+35.7%), Canarias (+32.2%), Andalucía (+28.9%), Cantabria (+28.8%) and Extremadura (+26%), while the minors were presented by Galicia (+10.8%), Catalonia (+13.7%) and the Valencian Community (+17.6%).

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