Indra shareholders ratify by a large majority Marc Murtra as Chairman and the CEOs

Indra shareholders have ratified by a large majority on Wednesday the new structure of the company with Marc Murtra as non-executive chairman and Cristina Ruiz and Ignacio Mataix as CEOs of Minsait and Transport and Defense, respectively.

Indra rules out the sale of its mortgage management business

Indra rules out the sale of its mortgage management business

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In his first speech to shareholders, Murtra stated his objective of "contributing to Indra's strengths" and highlighted that "there are many reasons to look to the future with confidence and enthusiasm", due to the "solid strategic, commercial and business "as well as the" extraordinary "team that the company has.

"We want to be the protagonists of a global industry with high dynamism and potential that can generate a lot of value for Spain at a time of recovery in which European aid is going to promote projects and investments in many of our areas of strength and technological 'expertise'" , has pointed out.

Likewise, Murtra has transferred its gratitude to Fernando Abril-Martorell for his time as president, valuing his management and the transformation that has taken place in society since he took office in 2015 and which now allows "opening a new time from solid foundations."

The shareholders have approved the annual accounts, as well as the management reports of the board of directors and sustainability and the rest of the points proposed by the governing body, among which is the new remuneration policy for Murtra, Mataix and Ruiz.

Regarding appointments, Enrique de Leyva, who holds the same position at Almirall and heads Magnum Capital, and Ignacio Martín, independent director of Acerinox and Repsol, have also been re-elected as independent directors, while Ana María de Pro, former financial director from Amadeus, has received shareholder approval as an independent director for the first time.

The management of the company has underlined that the main objective of the company at present is to meet the forecasts sent to the market with income in constant currency above 3,200 million euros, an Ebit of more than 200 million euros and a flow of free cash of more than 120 million euros, before the cash outflow due to the workforce transformation plans.

Transport and Defense

The CEO for Transpore and Defense, Ignacio Mataix, summarized Indra's performance over the past year, underlining the impact of the pandemic and recovery as 2020 progressed and 2021 began.

This progressive improvement made it possible to meet the objectives set in July and a maximum portfolio contracting in the first quarter of 2021 of 5,229 million euros, 15.9% more.

"Today we have a very solid Transport and Defense business with excellent strategic perspectives," stressed Mataix, who pointed out that the ambition for the T&D business is to recover "the path of profitable growth" as soon as possible from the leadership in technological innovation .

Among the outstanding projects is the constellation of nanosatellites for air traffic control Startical, presented in consortium with Enaire, and Indra's strategic role in the development of FCAS (the future European combat aircraft), as well as its leadership in other European industrial development programs.

The company will focus on deepening the technological differentiation of the offer by digitizing products and helping clients in their digital transformation and maintaining the focus on improving the execution of projects based on growth as a "way to improve internal competitiveness and Supply Chain".

Likewise, the technology company will seek to prioritize the portfolio of products and solutions and focus on key geographies for the business.


After Mataix, it was the turn of Cristina Ruiz to speak as CEO of Minsait, who also underlined the impact of the pandemic on the outcome of 2020, but has been optimistic about the "business opportunities" that are ahead of her. present the company today.

For this, Ruiz is committed to "continuing with the evaluation of its offer" towards digital and high-value activities.

"From the undeniable strengths that we have, we will be able to grow profitably, generate quality employment and take advantage of the opportunities generated by the technological environment and recovery and resilience plans, in which we hope to have a prominent role", stressed the directive of Indra.

The economic recovery and the increase in digital needs create a scenario in which Minsait has business opportunities that it is "in a position to take advantage of", in Ruiz's opinion.

"Minsait has the best digital capabilities and a solid model that will undoubtedly allow us to continue on our path of growth and improved profitability," underlined the new CEO who has aimed to grow in the markets with the highest value and to identify "inorganic growth" opportunities.

Along these lines, the digital solutions subsidiary announced in the last month and a half the acquisition of the Aragonese consulting firm specializing in electronic marketing Flat 101 and the German cybersecurity company MSS.

Among the group's priorities, Ruiz points out that the growth of the 'top-line' must be accelerated by offering high value in the so-called acceleration vectors: cybersecurity, Phygital (or digitization of the physical world), the cloud and analytics data or means of payment.

Likewise, Minsait aspires to continue evolving its operating model and consolidating and deepening its productivity improvement plans.


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