Indra renews its board with five dismissals backed by SEPI, SAPA and Amber

Indra renews its board with five dismissals backed by SEPI, SAPA and Amber

The State Industrial Participation Company (SEPI), the company's main shareholder, SAPA Placencia and Amber Capital have taken control of Indra's board after appointing Jokin Aperribay as proprietary director for the Basque group and promoting the dismissal of four independent directors in the shareholders' meeting this Thursday.

Indra earns 143 million in 2021 with record income: 3,390 million

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A representative of Amber Capital, which has just over 4% of Indra and is the largest shareholder of Prisa, made a request during the interventions to introduce an item off the agenda of the meeting with the aim of dismissing Alberto Terol , Carmen Aquerreta, Ana de Pro and Enrique de Leyva.

Alberto Terol and Enrique de Leyva have taken the floor to consider that the decision "will seriously damage" the company. Although he was dismissed this Thursday, Alberto Terol lost his status as director on Friday since he had completed his mandate. Enrique de Leyva has pointed out during the Meeting that it was he who did not want to continue in the company.

Amber's representative has justified his request on the grounds that the company needs greater stability and a "broader restructuring" on its board.

Likewise, the re-election of Isabel Torremocha, also an independent, has not gone ahead, leaving the newly appointed Francisco Javier García Sanz and Silvia Iranzo as the only independents.

Aperribay, a member of the founding family of SAPA Placencia, has received 53.1% of the votes to be a director, despite having a report against the Remuneration Committee. A percentage practically identical to that of shareholders who have supported the dismissals.

Together with Aperribay, Miguel Sebastián, Antonio Cuevas, Francisco Javier Sanz and Luis Abril, this executive, all with votes above 90% of the shareholders, have renewed their mandate as directors.

The meeting has had more than 75% of the group's shareholders present and all the procedural points have also been approved, such as the accounts, the sustainability report, the remunerations or the proposal for the application of the result. Likewise, Deloitte has been re-elected as auditor of the company.

The meeting has raised the tone when a representative of Amber, the largest shareholder of Prisa and shareholder of Indra with just over 4%, has proposed an additional vote to dismiss four independent directors: Alberto Terol, Ana de Pro, Enrique de Leyva and Carmen Aquerreta.

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